Adaora Umeoji and the resurgence of gutter politics in Anambra. – Chukwudubem Nnabue

While others are preparing for a peaceful Ward Congress to nominate the two man Adhoc delegates across the 326 Wards of the State in preparation for the June 23rd APGA primaries, Adaora Umeoji (the Politician in the Banking hall) is gearing up her brother for what she has tagged a “bribe or violence” outing. This is in keeping with her trademark approach to a chequered career in the Banking sector. The idea that she can buy her way through at all times is one of her unfortunate characteristics, and she has boasted that she will buy up APGA’s Governorship ticket.

People who know Adaora Umeoji closely and have followed her trajectory in the Banking sector understand that the Banker-politician is of easy virtue, and an extreme thinker. She spares nothing for decency, even where it means doing the ungodly.

Sources close to the Politician in the Banking hall have disclosed her planned parallel effort against the Party’s guidelines for the upcoming ward Congresses.

First, she has printed forged copies of the Certificate of Return for her own long list of delegates, many of whom she has led in a dangerous oath taking Session before a juju shrine. Already, we have a list of Statutory delegates who she attempted to administer this juju oath on. They are willing and ready to testify to the veracity of this gross conduct any day any time. Adaora Umeoji has also contracted one Mr. Samuel Okonkwo Jnr. from Enugwu Ukwu in Njikoka LGA and another guy, simply identified as ‘Digger’ in Obosi, to assemble daredevil thugs with the mandate to destabilise the planned congress in different wards.

This is certainly not the best way to Anambra’s till and Adaora must be told to put her desperation in check.

A desperate Adaora Umeoji, has already commissioned a campaign of blackmail on the streets of Abuja against Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo. The recent Atiku/Soludo posters seen on the streets of Abuja and the Childish press Conference broadcast on Local TV stations in the Country are all Adaora Umeoji’s machination to get to Anambra’s till using Zenith Bank.

Adaora’s desperation should not cost the life of any member of our Party. What should be of utmost concern is the safety of Depositor’s funds in Zenith Bank recklessly expended by Adaora on this fruitless endeavour.

This is very much unfortunate given that Anambra had gone through similar worse days where its treasury was used as a “play thing” by unscrupulous persons. Adaora Umeoji cannot take us back to where we have left behind as a people. She must be made to know this.

Chukwudubem Nnabue writes from Umunya in Oyi LGA.

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