APC’s conspiracies against Akwa Ibom REC.

There are strong indications that the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC), Professor Mahmood Yakubu may redeploy the Resident Electoral Commissioner(REC) in Akwa Ibom State, Mr Mike Igini before this saturday’s governorship and state houses of assembly elections.

The INEC chairman who has been accused of tilting the results of the presidential election which was marred with irregularities in favour of the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC), is said to be under immense pressure by the federal government to once again come to its rescue and ensure the party has at least one more APC state in the south south to add to Edo state, a plan that can only materialize with the removal of Mr Igini, whom the APC leadership is accusing of masterminding the defeat of Senator Akpabio and the APC while working for the PDP, an allegation Mr Igini has refuted.

Responding to the allegations by the APC, Mr Igini described his accusers as those trying to compromise the electoral process. “Those looking for compromise in the process are the ones also calling for my removal. Why would you remove a man who says he wants to give everybody equal opportunity. We have demonstrated the high level of transparency that they have not seen before.”

“I think they need to get the message. Here in Akwa Ibom, it is going to be the will of the people expressed through that ballot, honestly counted at the polling unit and declared at the last point of collation, is what will be announced at the last leg of the election.”
It is still unclear how Professor Yakubu intends to carry out this game plan less than 4 days to the election as head of a commission which has failed to deliver a credible electoral process in all the elections under his watch, at a time when the credibility of the commission before the electorate is low.

However anticipating a revolt against the redeployment of Mr Igini by the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)  and citizens of the state, the federal government and the All Progressive Congress leadership at both the state and National level have concluded plans to shift elections in the state to a later date(if it comes to that), which will ensure more deployment of security agencies and the presence of other top members of the party from other states to join hands and ensure APC’s victory. The third leg of the conspiracy is to ensure all officers around Igini are made to play ball which will effectively pull the rug from under his feet.

Other Resident Electoral Commissioners(REC) also penciled down for redeployment include that of Rivers State, Imo State, Benue State and Plateau State. The APC leadership has blamed its loss in these states during the Presidential elections on the RECs which the party accused of working for the opposition PDP.

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