INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2018: #PressforProgress

March 8 every year has been set aside by the United Nations to celebrate women and their contributions to nation building, growth and the development of the human race globally; however the day is also used to highlight the various challenges women go through on a daily basis, the hindrances they face, the limitations to Read More

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GUARD: A state in which someone is carefully looking for possible danger, threats, problems etc. FRUSTRATION: A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something: the state of being frustrated. (MERRIAM WEBSTER DICTIONARY) Being frustrated often times(for many people)  is the climax of a series of events that have gone against Read More

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We all have our individual fears – one thing almost all (if not all) mortals have in common. Often times we belittle ourselves, swim in our fears and glory in our ‘smallness’, while asking ourselves, Who am I to be this Brilliant? This Gorgeous? This Beautiful? So different? Only one person has the ability to Read More