Compensate looted businesses, CHRICED tells CBN.

The Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED) has asked the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to compensate private businesses affected by looting as a result of shooting of #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki toll gate – by men of the Nigeria Army.

Executive Director of CHRICED, Ibrahim Zikirullahi, in a statement released this morning said CHRICED calls for compensation of such private businesses affected by the descent into anarchy seen in the last one week.

“In the face of the collateral damage caused by these mob actions, CHRICED sympathizes with private businesses which have suffered losses as a result of mistaken identity, resulting in the mobs invading their private warehouses to cart away items purchased with private funds. CHRICED calls for compensation of such private businesses affected by the descent into anarchy seen in the last one week. The funds for such compensation should be drawn from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) COVID-19 stimulus package.

On the other hand, we strongly condemn the insensitivity and unacceptable callousness of governors across states who received palliatives items from the Federal Government, yet left them in warehouses to rot away. It is the height of extreme wickedness that at a time the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the economy, resulting in many job losses, and the closure of businesses, state governors could not be moved by the plight of the ordinary citizens. It is unbelievable that the quantum of palliatives materials being discovered across the states were available for distribution to citizens, yet out of sheer predilection for evil and lack of empathy, the governors failed to hand them over to citizens dying of hunger and starvation.

For us, this particular set of governors, barring just a few, will have a special place in our national hall of shame for being so uncaring, callous and wicked to the extreme at a time the long-suffering people of this country needed kindness and empathy. Their refusal to cause the distribution of palliatives paid for by public funds, amounts to an act of criminal negligence against the Nigerian people. By depriving helpless and vulnerable citizens of the most basic necessity of food, at a time of a global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, is mainly responsible for the unrest which has convulsed the country in recent weeks.

Having exhibited such a malevolent level of callousness against the people, a number of the governors are attempting to add insult to the injury of citizens by wasting public funds to embark on house to house search to recover materials taken from COVID-19 storage points. Some governors have even threatened to demolish the homes of citizens where looted COVID-19 palliatives are discovered. While we do not endorse any kind of looting, the draconian moves by the same governors who created the problem in the first place is unacceptable. It is disgraceful that these same governors who could not move from house to house to deliver COVID-19 palliatives, have suddenly found the energy to look for palliatives in the homes of citizens.”








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