Everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to leave a mark, no one sets out deliberately to fail. The question then is, why do people fail? Why do people with talents fail and some achieve nothing? Succeeding then in this marathon is beyond talent and prayers.

Talent has been proven to have failed many over the years. Religiosity has made a lot of people run around in circles. Competence is what has made many stand out where others have failed woefully.

Talent can open doors for you, competence will keep the door permanently open, incompetence will in minutes shut doors it took years to open.

A wise man once said “if you do well, you will be accepted”. People have just not decided to look away from what you offer, they know you just won’t deliver to specification – why waste their time and money.

Don’t let your fears and false sense of accomplishment drown your talents.
Hide your fears, step out of your shield, develop yourself – that’s the only way you can conquer higher grounds.

No matter how difficult the journey, always remember the better your services the more your acceptance ratio climbs. Recreate your mindset, work hard at being different. Don’t tread competence for short cuts and temporary fulfillment, you can be the best at whatever you do.

Seek knowledge but also learn to apply knowledge. The power of knowledge is in the application thereof. Time is the greatest asset you have, make the best use of it. Mastery is the key to all. Number your days to know if your are making any progress.

You too can be the best, If only you are more competent than the rest.
Be better, be phenomenal.

Have a fruitful week.

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