In life everyone has a purpose to fulfill, everyone has a calling to live up to; however it is not everyone that has a vision.

Having a vision keeps you calm and focused on your goal and destination. Without a vision it is practically impossible to fulfill either purpose or calling.

No two visions are the same, even siamese twins have totally different ideas about what they desire to do with their lives when separated from each other. Two or more persons could have the same purpose, but ultimately their visions most certainly cannot be the same. The uniqueness of your vision determines the path you will take to achieve the same purpose your neighbor has picked another path to achieve.

Everyone wants to be rich, but not everyone is willing to cut corners, steal, embezzle monies in other to achieve the goal of being rich; some people’s vision about how they want to remembered, what they want to be remembered for has helped put them in check.

Your vision is the anchor that keeps you steady in life’s sea as you sail towards your calling, your purpose and your final destination. A person without vision is tossed all about by the waves of life.

You cannot fulfil purpose when you are trying to live within the vision of others – it is like trying to force yourself into a dress or shirt made for someone with a different body size – FOCUS ON YOUR VISION.

Do not allow situations, circumstances or people affect your decisions; constant adjustments and readjustments will only derail your vision, and when you fail, no matter how hard you try to pass the buck to those(you think are) responsible for your failures, the pain and disappointment you will still have to face all alone. Certainly no one will share the rejection with you.

Face the future head-on, confront it with tenacity and all the confidence you can muster. Running away from the likely failures associated with the purpose and soon you are working to fulfill will do you no good. Seeking dangerous shortcuts might bring a temporary feeling of smartness of being able to cheat the system, but I hope you realise the regret and woes that come with the collapse of a house not built on a solid foundation could last a lifetime?

See the future. Focus on the future. Be ready to handle those things you earnestly crave, be prepared for the challenges that will definitely accompany it. Your greatest challenges are not experienced only when you are working towards your vision, even greater ones await you when you are already living your vision – a house not properly maintained will deteriorate no matter how lovely the finishings and furnitutes are. BE READY FOR YOUR MOMENT.

Devote more time to building in your mind new possibilities that are in tandem with your vision, instead of dwelling on ideal talk and chasing frivolities. Build synergy, strategies, friendships, partnerships that are in tandem with and support your vision. Be realistic, building castles in the air never did anyone any good.

Seek knowledge, build superior intelligence in line with your vision. How much you know about the path you have chosen adds another to the confidence with which you pursue your purpose. The knowledge you have acquired stands your horse out in the race. The more you know about the horse ,the likely the possibility you will utilize yours effectively to arrive at your destination on time.

“In all you are getting, get wisdom” – it will help you navigate through the many obstacles scattered all along the way.

Learn from others (you may not have exactly the same vision as them) with a similar vision who were not derailed till they fulfilled their purpose.

Have power over your life by having a vision of your future and focusing on your vision, no matter what’s going on around you.

As you move along, you will realize some of those who began the journey with you(or even after you) have already reached their destinations, do not envy them. Being envious can derail you, beclouding your objectivity.

Do not miss out on opportunities to make a mark. The future is yours for the taking, if only you focus on your vision.

Be notches higher.

Be phenomenal.


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