We all have our individual fears – one thing almost all (if not all) mortals have in common.

Often times we belittle ourselves, swim in our fears and glory in our ‘smallness’, while asking ourselves, Who am I to be this Brilliant? This Gorgeous? This Beautiful? So different?

Only one person has the ability to hold you captive in all aspects(physically, emotionally, mentally) and that is YOU.

The moment you free yourself from the shackles of fear, success is born and a victor emerges.

We feed our fears and empower our weaknesses, when we let the successes of others dampen our spirits and slow our drive. The success stories of others should rather help us understand why we should burn our garments of fear. Always remember the sky is wide enough; that one eaglet began to fly today cannot stop another from beginning tomorrow!

Your reality lies on the other side of the your mountain of fear. Pick up yourself, buckle up, stretch your muscles(if need be), reach deep within and be ready to climb your mountain.

“You can make it, if you really want. All you’ve gotta do is try”.

You are on an individual journey. To each his farm, what you plant is what you harvest. Water, add manure, weed and watch over yours, that is the only way to get a better yield. The yield a farm can produce will never be known, if the field is not planted. What is still possible is far greater that what hasn’t been done or has been done already – buckle up. What could have been done will always remain undone, if you keep sitting and wishing. Regrets remain regrets and never become successes.

Believe in yourself, gain mastery of your craft, be focused, put your thoughts under control, accept your weakness(work on those that can be worked on), look beyond your limitations, only then are you ready for the ride!

The height you can reach will never be known, if you are not willing to start climbing your mountain. Let nothing hold you back, the peak is there to be reached by anybody willing and determined to get there.

You are unique and here for a reason – discover that reason. Let go of past failures, let previous mistakes make you more determined to get it right this time. The past you can’t overturn but the future you can most likely shape.

“Cast your fears aside”, rise above your defeatist mindset. Your fears have prevented your ship from sailing.

You are special. Fashioned differently. The only you that exists here – tap into your reservoir of strength and get ready to march against your fears.

Everything is possible. You can leave an impact.

Your fears are too shallow to drown your dreams and possibilities of greatness – swim out of it and excel limitlessly.

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