#EndSARS: Is the battle over?

On its return last night, #TheRoundtableNG focused on the #EndSARS protests. @ThisIsPOU asked “Was or has the goal of #EndSARS been met? What’s the future of #EndSARS & what’s the future of youth agitation against bad governance in light of governments reaction to protests in Nigeria.”

In response @Lil_Gablex tweeted “Technically not but it has opened cans of worms. Though the 5for5 demands have not been met, and lots of evil has taken place but a greater discovery was made which is the extent to how callous our govt is. We now know what we’re up against as a people.”

On what Nigerians should expect going forward, @Lil_Gablex added “Well from my end, the fight for a better Nigeria is not ending anytime soon. It’s now left to the government to either manage whatever comes next diplomatically or we stand the chance of chaos in different shades.”

To @BOtunuga “Without mincg words d goals of #EndSARS protests is yet unmet judging from FGN’s lukewarm response 2 demands of protesters followed by the brutal clampdown on protesters culminating in the Lekki massacre & several other killings perpetrated by state agents in 22 states over Nigeria.

The future looks gloomy regarding #EndSARS protests in the present circumstance because this Buhari led FGN never pretends not being in the mood to accomodate the faintest voice of dissent, which explains the arrests lately & freezing of bank accounts of #EndSARS protagonists.”

To @ObidiAnagba4 “No matter what the government is doing. The youths should steady their minds that this fight will be long and hard, because this government has shown its soft on bandits and terrorists yet very hard on patriotic Nigerian youths. It’s aluta continua.”

Contributing to the night’s discuss @efa101 tweeted “To answer your questions – and I must state that my answers are my opinion(s):
1). The goal of #EndSARS has not been met.
2). The future or #EndSARS rests in the hands of Nigerian youths. If they are ready to face stiff opposition and crackdown from government, we can say the movement has a future. But if youths will be cowed by the oppressive tendencies of government as being exhibited right now, sad to say, that’s the death of #EndSARS.

3). The future of youth agitation against bad governance is one we look forward to with hope: if government will have human rights protection as part of their agenda. With constant oppression or suppression of peaceful protests, the future is bleak.”

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