“People need people, not by choice but by nature.
No one is the sole master of his ship of life. Whoever thinks he can go through life alone courts shipwreck.
We are helped or hindered when we care or refuse to care.
I need your support when the twisting of life overwhelms me.
I have my moments of self doubt and that is all right, I am no superman neither are you. We all need caring and that is all right, because this is a universal need.
There is no limit to opportunities to care. I must have the proper attitude and mental set.
I miss many chances to care because I am out of tune.
If I turn in on myself, I become like an egg so full of myself, there is no room for you, so opportunities slip by unnoticed.
I have to break my shell and reach out to you but to let you enter my world to share me, my life, my risks, my assets, my liabilities – if I do, it may be easier for you to let me enter your world.
It takes courage to reach out, it take courage to let me enter, it is like a leap in the dark, familiar landmarks are not at hand.
Each reaching out, each entering is unique. There is always a fresh start, no matter how extensive the past experience.
Caring is never a mechanical repetition of a trite formula. Each situation is fluid changing in a class by itself.
I cannot fully comprehend what will become of me or what will become of you. I have to dare, it is a risk. We both have to accept the challenge as we travel the uncharted journey.
Often in your greatest need, you find it most difficult to seek help.
I have to be ever alert for the glance, the tear, the sigh, the ward, the timber of voice that trumpet a need. Unasked – I have to respond. If you must beg, buy or demand my care – it is utterly destroyed.”

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