The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines EXPAND in the following ways:
a) To increase in size, range, or amount to become bigger.
b) To cause (something) to increase in size, range or amount, to make (something) bigger.
c) To write (something) in full form.

You live in a world, yet you live in your world. Events in the world can influence events in your world but ultimately events in your world are perquisites for surviving in the world.
To survive and achieve goals you have to expand your reach, increase your capacity to do more, develop yourself, recreate your mindset, reach out to new frontiers, build and sustain your reputation – it could be to your advantage.
Your reputation matters, what people think about you matters. It is your problem what people say about you. People’s perception about you can either make or mar your expansion plans. It leaves you often time with people unwilling to help, it makes your work more tedious and couldn’t also extend to generations after you. Tread carefully, life is not fair, no general rule applies, not everyone is fortunate enough to get several opportunities to right their previous wrongs.

Your world, your space is distinct from that of another. The possibilities in your world, may not be same in that of another; why then limit yourself to following a template from another persons world?
In your world, everything is achievable, you know why? Because there are no limits, you can shift the landmarks to accommodate your hopes, aspirations dreams and ultimately achievements without having to fight or quarrel with anybody.
What is possible in your friends world, may not be possible in yours – you do not owe anybody an apology for choosing what you want to occur within your space. Always remember that EVERY THING IS POSSIBLE, if not in your world in that of others – accept this fact and have peace within you.

Change your expectations, that you came from nothing does not translate to you having to dance in those circles for the rest of your life. See new heights as possibilities, see new titles as achievable. Your stagnation is first in your mind before it begins to manifest physically.
YOUR WORLD dwells within your mindset, spend time on things that will develop your mindset towards where you want to be.
Eagles do not dine with owls because they belong to different worlds and what is possible in both worlds is distinct. Know your square root?

In expanding your world, you leave room for improvements but be conscious of the fact that not every ‘innovation’ is meant for you, that it works in Tunde’s world does not translate to it being a perfect fit for Dokubo’s world.
A story is told of a gathering of frogs from all over the world. At this auspicious occasion, tadpoles from the American continent put up an attitude that had their parents and elders clapping, cheering and urging them on, while the African frogs watched in utter disbelief and awe. When asked why they were shocked, the African frogs responded thus “what is a thing of joy in your culture(read – WORLD) is a thing to cry about in ours. Morale of The Story: in expanding your world, know the facilities to add to it, not everything is necessary for your comfort.

Your world should not be open to everybody, select those you allow inside carefully. You make the rules, ensure there are adhered to strictly. Know when and where to draw the lines. Identify who and what to lock out, it is your prerogative – if your world is going to bear you desired fruits. Once in a while, the people you shut out will prove you wrong, but which is better, taking precautions or having regrets?
It is your world and you my dear friend are at liberty to expand it to suit your whims and caprices but it doing so, if you are not careful you will lose all your years of hard work and your structure will ultimately crumble. If your wall becomes too thin and allows everything to pass through, your world becomes too crowded, the collision of thoughts, ideas, do’s, don’t, the seeming over population and lack of air will in due time weigh you out. Your world will definitely collapse and the journey of those unnecessary baggage you let in, will begin towards another wall equally as thin as yours.

You live in the world, yet another world lives in you. EXPAND YOUR WORLD, GROW YOUR GARDEN, LET NOTHING HINDER YOU, ALL DREAMS ARE ACHIEVABLE.
Everything cannot work for you “man know thyself” and hang on to what works within your space – “the same water that makes an egg harder, softens yam”.

Choose your pattern, expand your world to the best of your ability and leave an impact.
Be Phenomenal. Be Notches Higher.


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