I have noticed an attempt by people with a collective sense of amnesia or by those who think because they adore an individual everyone else should as well, to give a legendary status to former Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio on behalf of all Akwa Ibomites.


For the records, since the return of democracy in 1999 and the appearance of Senator Akpabio from Lagos(thanks to HE Obong Victor Attah) every political brouhaha in Akwa Ibom state has seen him being accused as the the mastermind – why always him? We remember 2011, 2015 and the threat of Warsaw – happenings at the State House of Assembly being a pointer.


I have heard people say “Akpabio made Akwa Ibomites millionaires”, did he do it with his personal money? Of all those millionaires, how many can afford to fuel their generators today? Or drive around with AC’s? Dashing out state resources to people for carrying out activities that were to his personal benefit or showing off with monies he cannot account for is making millionaires?


A man who squandered so much money and left so many uncompleted projects, the scam called Tropicana, Ibom Specialist Hospital, ‘Four Points by Sheraton’ Ikot Ekpene, the Ikot Ekpene – Uyo Road(despite releasing full monies for compensation, how much was paid to the owners of properties on that road? How much is Julius Berger still being owed for that project), the Ibaka Seaport project was another venture meant to make millionaires with nothing to show for it, should we talk about debts he left behind? The debt he left Akwa Ibom in has been a huge impediment to the present government.


“Akpabio made this one, he made that one” they say. Was Akpabio not made by Obong Victor Attah? Without Obong Attah, he would probably still be reading about events in Akwa Ibom from his abode somewhere in downtown Lagos. How did he treat his benefactor? Are you aware he withheld the man’s entitlements while he was in office. Oh Attah wanted his in-law as Governor so he deserved that treatment, how about Chris Ekong, Okon Umana, Udoedeghe, Ebebe Ukpong etc who helped him become governor, how many were still in good terms with him by May 29 2015?


If Akpabio made your family see the light, fair enough you can build an alter for him but don’t try to insult our sensibilities with unnecessary hero worshipping. Akpabio sowed a seed of rebellion against predecessors, what’s the noise about that his former boys have also grown? Na only him suppose grow abi?


Kano State under Kwankwaso was sponsoring hundreds of students abroad and still constructing roads, so what’s the noise for? Or is it the noise about free education? Go to Anambra and find out what Peter Obi did with education. Or is it that monument called “nest of champions” you want us to celebrate? Just so you know that’s also another uncompleted project. The man who made millionaires couldn’t in eight years attract a single industry to the state, to at least give the non millionaires thousands.


I have been a critic of Governor Udom Emmanuel as I saw his emergence as Governor as continuation of a k-legged dynasty and also believe there are a lot of things he could have done better. However if Akwa Ibomites decide not to vote Udom again it’s their right, all this madness, mayhem and threats is unnecessary. Senator Akpabio isn’t the only ex governor to have gone to take a bow at King Buhari’s feet, Governor Uduaghan also kissed the ring yet Delta state isn’t witnessing this kind of commotion. Every adult should know what he wants to be remembered for and how he wants to be judged by posterity and not all these hiding behind one finger moves.


Akpabio may be a legend to you, don’t assume he is to anyone else. Like H.E Late Obong Akpan Isemin, H.E Obong Attah he has ‘served’ the state, played his part and amassed so much within the period, it is his prerogative to remain in the scene but he should not disturb our well being. Those who’ve had their kernels cracked by benevolent spirits should learn to be humble.




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