GUARD: A state in which someone is carefully looking for possible danger, threats, problems etc.

FRUSTRATION: A feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something: the state of being frustrated. (MERRIAM WEBSTER DICTIONARY)

Being frustrated often times(for many people)  is the climax of a series of events that have gone against them. Failed plans, broken marriages, cheating partners, wayward kids, bankruptcy, love-gone-sour etc. In our eyes our reasons for being frustrated may be so genuine that we expect everyone should understand us, bear with us, adjust to our reactions per time and our actions towards any situation no matter how inconveniencing it is to them. “Are they not aware of what I am going through”?  A lot of people go on daily to mask their callousness behind being frustrated.

Being frustrated may be totally out of your control, but ACTING FRUSTRATED is totally with your control. GUIDE YOUR FRAUSTRATION!

Lead your frustration, the moment your frustration begins to determine to you what steps to take, what to do, what not to do, who to relate with, who to discard, there is a tendency that you are sinking more into deeper waters of frustration.

Do not let your frustrations overwhelm you. Let it not drive you to the extremes of animalistic behaviors and tendencies. Let your frustrations not make you lose your humanity. GUARD YOUR FRUSTRATION.

Your friends, family, colleagues, clients and even random people on the street are bound to relate with you based on your actions, not motives nor the reasons behind your actions. No one is obligated to understand why you treated them badly; no one is barred from equally treating you in like manner, no one will be blamed for equally being callous, insincere, harsh, brash, rash towards you. It is said that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Life may never present you with an opportunity to explain why you acted towards certain people the way you did or why you took certain steps at a time when it was outrightly unnecessary so to do.

A wise man once said “the demons that people carry are not written on their faces” – to each man his own cross. Everyone has a ship which at one point or another has experienced turbulence(forget the smiling faces), how the sailor keeps calm and decides to navigate through the waves is what makes the difference, not getting angry with other sailors, cargo, those on board, the sea and everything in it. SOMETIMES ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

In your moment of frustration, the steps you take will either make you sail on without shipwreck or present your ship to students of history as a monument – something for others to learn from. The choice is ultimately yours.

In your moment of frustration:

RETRACE YOUR GOALS: Seek out your goals again, the same ones you had from the beginning. Asking yourself the important question “have I lost focus”?, “have I derailed”? will help, however what will help much more is your ability to answer yourself sincerely, in other to make the necessary adjustments. Are your goals such that will always put you at the mercies of others? If yes, then your goals are most likely to often leave your frustrated, who do you blame for that? Anything that often leaves you frustrated does not deserve your attention.

SEEK BETTER ASSOCIATION: A tiger in the company of goats will certainly lose its identity. You cannot always be found in the company of people whose goals in life are not in anyway proportional to yours, whose aspirations are mediocre and not expect to be often frustrated. “Can two walk together, unless they agree”?

BUILD YOUR INTELLECT: Expand your knowledge base. Ask yourself, “can I achieve anything without having adequate knowledge of what I am doing or what I am about to do”?

– DEVELOP YOUR INGENUITY: Seek new and smarter ways of tackling your problems. Learn and use new skills to get better results. You cannot keep getting same the unpleasant result from one methodology and still stubbornly hold on to such strategy.

Standing out is a possibility.

Being Notches Higher in your chosen sphere is feasible.

Being Phenomenal is achievable.


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