A lot of people have allowed their lives to be detected by others, by society, by friends, by family, by neighbors, by colleagues, by lovers, by spouses, by random people on the street and worse off by the internet and social media.

The clothes you wear, the food you eat, your ideas of what to do/not-to-do in your relationships, what general is acceptable in life. Your power of choice, happiness and ultimately fulfillment has been sold out to strangers who basically do not care about your welfare, often times they don’t know you exist – and this is the reason you will fail or you are already failing.

Your success in life or otherwise is determined by the choices you make, the choices you make should ultimately be determined by how well you have discovered yourself and the path you’ve chosen. Life is a distinct journey to everybody and to each his calling. Why then have you stopped yourself from growing by helping to water another persons flower?

This inability to truly discover who we are, what we want and what we want to be remembered for, is the reason behind most of the unreasonable actions we see around us everyday as Aristotle put it “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – and that is the first and most importantly step towards success.

Have you ever found time to ask yourself, what is unique to me, my family, my relationship, my marriage, my career etc? It is only after discovering your point of uniqueness, what stands you out, only then will you acknowledge the fact that not all doctrines are for you, not all relationship guidelines will strengthen yours, not all motivational talks will inspire you, not all career goals are tailored for you. If you wouldn’t wear size 30 instead of 15 and feel comfortable in it, why then punish yourself to walk in another’s heels when you’re more comfortable in flats. If you don’t embark on the voyage of self discovery, you are bound to swim against your tide and eventually sink.

The great men that ever walked this path first of all knew what they wanted, with eyes fixed on the price, they moved towards their dreams. Many of them stood firm against conventional norms, mockery and ridicule knowing they were on the right track – this level of firmness is only possible after you have ‘discovered yourself’.

Your failure may have been influenced by someone or something, it still doesn’t take away the fact that it’s you that failed. Do big things, be creative, be daring but stay within the ‘confines of you’.

“Your understanding of yourself takes you into a deeper region of knowledge and wisdom, which is very vital to the attainment of success”.

Life is a personal responsibility. You owe it to yourself to act out only the script that fits your personality, the-other-side-of-the-coin is you helping others amplify their dreams and aspirations – this in the end will leave you empty, worn-out, unfulfilled and with wasted years.

Discover yourself and be the best version of you.



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