Is this the beginning of Nigeria’s Revolution? – Bello Ibrahim

Cyclone of disaster is raving and the keenest of forecasters have been caught flat-footed, they are aloof. Don’t get it twisted, I am not a prophet of doom, but my curiosity pays attention to the slightest of actions, reactions and inactions. Listen to the voices of discordance, a hidden message abound and it will implode and spread like unquenchable inferno.

#EndSARS. Is it really #EndSARS? My opinion is predicated on the assumption that, something else is brewing, not #EndSARS

The hegemony in southern Nigeria, particularly in social strata, has overtime proven to be impeccable. They lend their voices to accountability and good governance, little wonder, their leaders are top notch.

Dispel contrary “vuvuzeling” from political merchants, there is so much tension in the land. Unfortunately, cowards are the victims of the many bad policies and the resulting economic hardship. Nigerians are angry, past events, particularly clandestine attacks on the person and Government of President Buhari by northerners, which has been made obvious by prominent media aide (now suspended) to the Governor of Kano State, who is APC stalwart and appointee of a core Buharist, and many more influential northerners is an indication many “loyalists” are infuriated at the very Government they are serving.

What if #EndSARS is just a decoy and #RevolutionNow is the surreptitious agenda?

Don’t take Nigeirans for granted, we are smart people. We are ingenious and always result oriented. One thing is certain, #EndSARS is a big masquerade in small regalia. I presume there is more than meet the eyes.

Advocates of #EndSARS, just like many Nigeirans, had cause in time past to register their displeasure at the many failures of the government. This seems like a golden opportunity to stretch #EndSARS into other desires of its proponents.

To avert this, a sublime diplomacy is the only sure bait of the Government. The forces behind this raging storm are unknown, and it is more daunting to fight an unknown enemy. With the hunger and hopelessness in the country, limitless foot soldiers are handy.

I can’t see Buhari’s Government successfully quailing multiple agitations for #EndSARS #EndBanditry #EndBokoHaram #EndKidnapping #EndCattleRustling #EndPoverty #EndUnemploymemt.

EndSARS has been a huge success and it might have birthed and given strength to the desire for other demands. It is obvious Nigerians have found their footing. We are now emboldened and ready to brave the odds.



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