Kogites, carry your cross.

As tiring as it is to talk about the obvious retrogration Nigeria’s democracy has experienced in less than 5 years of these change preachers, the case of Kogi state is too sad to be ignored.

While some states have been unlucky to have mediocre governors each election cycle, however, each time any of such empty fellows win a second term, the joke is always on the citizens of that state.

The people of Oyo state made the mistake of allowing Senator ‘constituted authority win a second term and having realized their shortcomings ensured his/bourdillon’s protege wasn’t elected governor – even going further to ensure he wasn’t erroneously sent to the senate again.

While it took the people of Oyo state 8 years to realize their mistake, I hope the people of Kogi will realize theirs in 4. Only they will face the dire consequences of their failure to do the needful. As a wise man once said “the house owner can blame the ants for turning his house to an anthill, but it is the person that brought home the termite invested firewood that is the fool”.

Since the party to which Yahaya Bello belongs sees nothing wrong with him owing salaries for months, the Kogi people owe it to themselves to do the needful. Since the Atta is contended with driving a Rolls Royce Phantom on people’s pensions and gratuities, it’s up to the Kogi people to salvage their destinies. Since the Senior Advocate of Nigeria and Professor of law see nothing wrong with the unlawful removal of Simon Achuba as deputy governor, only the Kogi people know how they will reward such impunity.

I am trying to imagine the noise the then opposition CPC/ACN/APC would have made if General Buhari was owed his entitlements as a retired military officer by successive PDP governments, but surprisingly President Buhari watches on as his “son” squanders allocations and bailout funds without giving workers their due. Kogi people should know how to deal with that.

The loudmouthed comrade, who once fought for workers rights now sees nothing wrong in workers being owed, perhaps non payment of salaries is now part of the hazards of being a civil servant! Ironically Mr comrade is fighting his own state governor against getting a second term, maybe Obaseki should approach his colleague to find out what it takes to win comrade’s love.

For all the flaws of the PDP and Chief Obasanjo, it’s on record that the party refused to reward Chinwoke Mbadinuju for being a failure, with the APC the reverse is the case. Yahaya is the president’s beloved son, in whom the party hierarchy is well pleased.

In the words of APC’s Senator Bala Na’Allah “the issue of Kogi is a very serious matter…. It appears, we can validly say that the governor of Kogi state is a threat to our democracy. We have every reason to say so and I think it is important that the party to which he belongs and the leadership of the party to which he belongs should caution this particular person and bring him to order”. Since the APC has instead chosen to reward failure, Kogites should either save themselves or be ready for whatever lies ahead.

Kogites the cane is in your hands, do with it whatever you please. The cane you refuse to use to chase them, will also be used to wipe you to the cross. E dey una hand!

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