#LadyFromNaija: Interview with Ms Isabella Bassey.

#LadyFromNaija is a platform created by Chance Media to give female entrepreneurs an opportunity to talk about their brands, businesses, challenges and successes. The aim is to encourage others to keep holding on. Today we feature the beautiful Isabella Bassey of O’Bella Fabrics. 

Chance Media: Let’s get to know you (your name, the schools you attended and what you consider necessary.
Isabella: My name is Isabella Sifonde Bassey. I am an alumnus of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Niger State. I had my high school at Adebayo Mokuolu college, Lagos.

Chance Media: Tell us about your company/products.
Isabella: O’Bella Fabrics is your one stop shop for exquisite fabrics for Women and Men, Accessories, perfumes, personal styling and all things fashion.

Chance Media: What influenced your decision to embrace entrepreneurship?
Isabella: The uncertainty of a 9-5 job and also the opportunity to serve the society through fashion.

Chance Media: What challenges did you face starting out?
Isabella: Capital was a major challenge.
Also getting people to trust and patronizing because it is presently an online business.

Chance Media: Who/What motivates you?
Isabella: Poverty and success are my motivating factors.

Chance Media: How have you been able to raise funds to sustain your business, is it through government, personal funds or access to credit facilities?
Isabella: The business has totally relied on personal funds till now. However, due to plans of expansion for the brand, government and credit facilities are considered to get access to funds.

Chance Media: So far how has you business impacted the lives of people How do you intend to affect the society(touch lives)?
Isabella: Excellent service delivery is our watch word; we have benefited from this by getting more referrals for business – and have in turn kept our customers happy. With our expansion plans in view, we hope to create a stream of income by employing labour to service these outlets.

Chance Media: Any plans on expansion?
Isabella: Yes, that is our next big project. O’Bella Fabrics is working on visible outlets so that we can attract normal day to day walk-in clients, to experience all the services we intend to render. Three cities are in view, Lagos, Abuja and Uyo by God’s grace.

Chance Media: How often does your business take away your sleep/unwinding time?
Isabella: The life of an entrepreneur calls for ‘little’ sleep. Strategy and brainstorming sessions on ways to create lasting service impressions on our esteemed clientele are as regular as possible.

Chance Media: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?
Isabella: The outbreak of Covid-19 has been quite challenging for both personal lives and businesses. From drastic drop in sales to recreating ideas on how to improve the versatility of the business. The period has become quite engaging and the impact would be felt for a long time.

Chance Media: What challenges are you grappling with at the moment?
Isabella: Inconsistency in the exchange rate of the Naira, which has affected the sourcing of both local and international items.

Chance Media: Which male/female entrepreneur/s do you look up to?
Isabella: Beddingsboss and Imbia ventures. Their model of operation is worth emulating.

Chance Media: What’s the level of support you’ve received from family and friends?
Isabella: My success story can not be complete with the love from my family and dear friends. Prayers, funds, counselling, referrals, patronage and business ideas. Their love cannot be underestimated. I appreciate all their efforts.

Chance Media: Are you currently seeking investors?
Isabella: Yes, Yes and Yes.
Considering our expansion plans and opening of other business ventures, we are seeking investors.

Chance Media: Any advice for other female entrepreneurs?
Isabella: To keep striving regardless of the circumstances.

Chance Media: How can prospective customers reach you?
Isabella: We can be reached at any time through our social media handles.

Instagram: @obellafabrics
Facebook: @fabricsbyobella
WHATSAPP/Calls: 09087249752

Chance Media: Thank you so much creating time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. We look forward to being a part of the opening of your new outlets.

Isabella: Thank you to the Chance Media team for this opportunity to push the O’Bella brand further.

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