Muslims shouldn’t join protest. – MURIC

Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has cautioned Muslims in Nigeria against joining any protest.

A statement released by Prof. Ishaq Akintola, MURIC’s director read:

“The attention of MURIC has been drawn to subterranean rumblings as precursors of demonstrations.

We like to remind Nigerian Muslims in particular and all citizens in general that the last experience we had during #EndSARS protests was very bitter as it pushed the country to the edge of the precipice.

Protests are legitimate as long as they are peaceful but the last one was hijacked, there is undisputable evidence showing that funds for the protest were provided by people who lack integrity and whose sources of income lack credibility.

These are people who have been engaging in criminal activities and their topmost wish has always been to get rid of all signs of law enforcement agents.

The demands were expanded until they became frivolous, ridiculous and irrational.

The ensuing destruction of property during the protest was too massive, enough to discourage another protest so soon.

Hoodlums have been allowed to destroy facilities that coming generations should enjoy.

It is for these reasons that we are calling on Nigerian Muslims in particular and other citizens in general not to join any new protest. Enough is enough!

Quoting the Quran, Akintola reminded muslims not to join others to commit sin, “Join hands together in good deeds and piety. But do not join others to commit sin and aggression” – Qur’an 5:2.

This is a clear injunction directed at Muslim faithful and it is enough for them to steer clear of any new protest.

We should not allow anyone to deceive us into joining a rudderless protest again. We must not join any fresh protest under whatever guise. Leaderless protests lead to chaos. Leaderless protests come with awful intentions. We should not join them.

The last demonstration has taught us a bitter lesson, namely, that it is difficult to know the true intention of any protest. They may start peacefully but graduate to violent outings.”











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