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#TheRoundtableNG last night dwelled on the plan by doctors to begin an indefinite strike next week and the comment by former CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on why the devaluation of the Naira will continue happening.

@ThisIsPOU asked “Why is this govt finding it difficult to pay doctors but it’s convenient to pay workers of refineries that don’t produce anything & NASS members all manner of allowances? Is it because they can easily go for medical tourism abroad? Is Doctors strike now a norm?

Also responding @geeweeny tweeted “when most of them don’t know the state of hospitals and primary healthcare centers are, when most of them won’t visit any of the govt owned hospitals in their lifetime, why would they want to invest in the country’s healthcare?

In Nigeria, we don’t value human life and for you to get the government to listen to you or consider your plight, you have to go the way the doctors are going and i support them fully, maybe next time we will choose our leaders carefully”.

@DaraMoren1 summed the matter up thus “Key word “choose our leaders carefully” Until then we will continue with the rinse and repeat system we have. It is sad that doctors needs to threaten strike over demands that should come with ease”.

To @TenovaTenChido “these leaders do not want the system to work, they are Demi gods, that’s why they never truly keep to their promises, so the people cry out the more. This pain in the cry is like cocaine, gives them a high”.

Also contributing @profgizzonacure tweeted that “You’d think this shouldn’t be happening in the middle of a pandemic but healthcare is generally not a priority in Nigeria and now that the pandemic seem to be waning our inept governments are back to default setting”.

@9jabloke tweeted “It is unconscionable what governance has become in Nigeria. The fact that doctors are tested in such shambolic manner isn’t surprising though. Recall that the Labour Minister; who ironically is a doctor, had opined some time ago that Nigerian doctors can leave for abroad.

That Nigeria has one of the worst doctor to patient ratios in the world either didn’t matter to him or he is unaware of the fact. The Health Minister was even more disgraceful in his own opinion on the matter when asking his colleagues to go into tailoring or farming”.

@OgbeideSmith tweeted “I know it will definitely end this way when politicians hijacked the covid-19 industry in Nigeria. So all the monies raised, the donations from everywhere was only channelled to testings and treatments? The Doctors were not even in the sharing formula. I dey laff”.

@FestusGreen believes the strike action is justifiable “When two elephants fight, the ground will suffer immeasurably. Govt can afford renovations, brand new cars and all, but they won’t pay doctor’s on the Frontline their Covid19 allowance? The doctors should do the needful. A labourer is deserving of his wages”.

On the comments by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, about Naira devaluation continuing, unless the nation’s import reduces significantly:

@ThisIsPOU reminded Nigerians of Dr Ogbonnaya Onu’s pencil factory “Our Minister of Technology promised us a factory that’ll produce pencils. Till date, no factory. Same man later said Nigerians will go to the moon & some people applauded him. Ordinary toothpick, we import. What am I missing?”

@FestusGreen opined that “All these so called “elites” do is talk and more talk. When he had a platform as CBN Gov, how many local industries did he empower? We can’t stop importations unless there is a deliberate approach to it. We are still importing petrol, the last time I checked”.

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