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#TheRoundtableNG focused on two issues:
a) The death of three persons from toxic waste(from a Chinese company) deposited in a farm in Ondo state.
b) The failure of 122 federal government agencies to remit N1.2 trillion operating surpluses to the consolidated revenue fund.

@ThisIsPOU asked “Should a responsible govt allow such to happen? Can a Nigerian company in China do this & get away with it? Where’s the Environment Protection Agency? Don’t we have laws against such or the govt has sold us all out? Is monetary compensation enough?”

@TheWomanWrapper contributed as well to the discuss “Sometimes agencies are not set up to solve problems but to fulfill the campaign promises of politicians regarding job creation. Do you think the civil service in the states of the federation are performance driven? I do not think so”.

@Lil_Gablex tweeted “All these agencies are being bankrolled with the money collected from these foreign bodies operating in our communities illegally or unethically.”

To @geeweeny “As long as they’re paying taxes to the government, I have no problem with the Chinese company. My problem is with the state government and the environmental protection agency, how did these Chinese get approval to site the company in this state.

We know only about the death of 3 persons, what about the other health complications that comes from the reckless dumping of toxic waste? This is why we need to have strong institutions and people who have the capacity to head these institutions.”

@GoldMyrrhFranki asked “Has anybody made reports to the necessary authority? If not, more people may die.” to which @ThisIsPOU responded “They made report to the police. The company is negotiating a monetary compensation to the families of the deceased but no talk about enforcing any proper disposable system. It has been going for & may continue. The health implications are far reaching.”

@OgbeideSmith tweeted “Can the government say anything?No! We can’t afford to lose the loans coming from China so we will take everything hook-line and sinker not to break the diplomatic relationship the makes the loans to flow in.”

On the night’s second issue; @ThisIsPOU “We have this unremitted funds & we’re borrowing our future away? Is there no accountability among these govt agencies? Is this how we fight corruption?”

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