Nigerians SPEAK: Increased cost of living & protests.

On #TheRoundtableNG last night Nigerians expressed their opinions on the calls for protests against the increase in electricity tariffs, pump price of Premium Motor Spirit(PMS) and calls for His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to lead the protest.

While some argued that a protest was the right way to go, others called for the former Presidential candidate of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and its leaders to be at the fore front of the protest, a few were outrightly against protests in any form.

@Choko_Armani reasoned that “It’s understandable to ask him to lead from the front! But my simple question is just “how many Nigerians are willing and able to come out for a protest should the said protest happened? We don’t need many! Just a few millions would be enough!”

In his opinion @SpelledSanmi stated that “Knowing Nigeria, the protest might not do anything but at least the current adminstration would know we can’t be pushed around. About the party thing, you would think one of those smaller parties would use this as an opportunity to push for awareness”.

Contributing to the discuss @MeccaUS tweeted thus “In the past protests were allowed & they were largely peaceful. It is obvious that Nigeria has deviated from practising democracy. We’re now a police state. For timing, the lecherous admin has destroyed the economy looted the country blind. Nigeria is stuck.

Well, it’s left for Nigerians to decide if they want to move forward or remain backwards”.

Disagreeing with those who want Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to lead the protests, @OgbeideSmith stated “Do we really need Atiku to lead? All we need is a mass action that will send a clear message to our leaders that Nigerians cannot take it anymore! Even if we can’t prevent the bird from passing feces on our heads we can stop the it from building its nest on it

Yes there must definitely be a leader for the mass action but it must not be Atiku. This is about Nigeria and Nigerians not just for opposition party leaders”.

@balogunfd reckoned that Atiku as any other Nigerian reserves the right to protest or not to “Atiku is a citizen like everyone else. He’s has the right to hit the street or sit back. However, been a strong opposition, it might be better he meets with Buhari or senate leadership to discuss pump price, that feels smart & could produce a better results

Our current military styled gov, is ruthless than past gov. Atiku’s coming out is good but will only win him more fans. This gov doesn’t listen to such. PDP isn’t ready for a comeback else they will deploy the right strategy to capitalize on sloppiness of PMB”.

@ScarTissue101 disagreed with the idea of a protest with regards to the increase in price of PMS “In this case, Nigerians are wrong. Not wrong in calling for a protest but, just like in 2012, wrong about what they want to protest over. We should be protesting the govt policies (like border closure) that are killing the economy, not the long overdue removal of subsidies.

In fact, another subsidy that needs to go is the subsidy on dollars. The CBN needs to deregulate the foreign exchange market and focus on building a vibrant economy. The exchange rate will be a blessing if we are producing goods for export”.

@SpelledSanmi added that any of the smaller political parties could catch in on this opporrunity to create awareness of it existence “Knowing Nigeria, the protest might not do anything but atleast the current adminstration would know we can’t be pushed around. About the party thing, you would think one of those smaller parties would use this as an opportunity to push for awareness”.

To @YemiOkee “In my opinion, Nigerians are not right to ask Atiku to lead a protest because they had the opportunity to vote against Buhari and protest with their votes and guide against rigging but they didn’t because of shoot at sight threats”.

@ThisIsPOU opined that “I think what Nigeria has lacked over the years is a trusted leader when it comes to protests. There is a vacuum of leadership. After Adams in NLC, who did we have? After Bakare with SNG, who? I think in asking Atiku to lead a protest, Nigerians may be asking

him to fill the vacuum of leadership in that sphere because to some extend, they trust him, his leadership qualities & abilities and already know he has a political ambition unlike some who hide under protests to pursue their plan”.

You too can join #TheRoundtableNG tonight and express your opinions freely.

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