Nigerians SPEAK: Is a new Nigeria upon us?

#TheRoundtableNG last night discussed the possibility of a new Nigeria emerging from the End SARS protests currently going on across Nigerian cities.

Anchor @Solomonapenja referred Nigerians to section 14 (and its various sub sections), which expressly states that sovereignty belongs to the people, the duties of government and the participation of people in affairs of the government.

“Is a new Nigeria upon us? Is Nigeria becoming a Republic in-deed as she is in name? Are we at cusp of birthing a nation where power truly belongs to & resides within the people? A new nation where govt fears the people as against the people tremble before govt?”

To @TenovoTenChido “The answer to all these questions is an emphatic yes. True power lies with the people and this few days have truly shown that we’ve got the power.”

@ChinweOfoha2 tweeted “it is indeed the dawn of a new era where the youth can speak their minds and tell the govt enough is enough. It is a pity that the govt does not know their existence is to serve,acting like Lords over the people.”

@Lil_Gablex postulates that “October 1st 2020 was d beginning of a new year n our new Nigerian year resolution was to stand for every atom of what’s ours. Kudos to d Nigerian youths for pulling dis off within a short time of deciding on it!! Let’s keep the fire burning.”

@MACBRIGGS links the protests to science “What we see today is a confirmation of Newton’s first law of motion which states that “every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force” but will this be a new wave ? It’s still early.

To say, one thing you can take for free is the fact that the youth as well as the general public is now awakening to the call of duty, thanks to the social media.”

@Solomonapenja urges Nigerians to keep the fire burning “I congratulate all of us for what new nation lay ahead Work yet lies ahead: DO NOT STOP NOW! Ask for more. They are listening. You have their ears. Be the lords of this land. It is your country. Own it. If #BuhariHasBeenABadBoy call him out. He is your servant!”

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