Nigerians SPEAK: Is Nigeria a failed state?

On the first edition of #TheRoundtableNG this week, the pertinent question up for consideration was “Is Nigeria a Failed State or does it have the trappings of a failed state?” This question becomes important following the abduction of men of the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC) and the invasion of another village in southern Kaduna.

To @hartarmah1, without mincing words “by all indices, Nigeria is a failed state” an assertion @SpelledSanmi concurs to “Yes, it is a failed state. Just like ‘Gana’ revealed, they know who are supporting these bandits and the banditry will only stop when they want”.

@hartarmah1 suggested that October 1st should be declared a national day of mourning “It is possible to do it. Let’s have series of designs saying this and make it to trend. We can start it. We are mourning Nigeria’s underdevelopment, injustice,insecurity,persecution,failed economy,failed leadership. Let’s go our separate ways”.

@OgbeideSmith believes Nigeria isnt yet a failed state “Nigeria is not a failed state but it has degenerated from the state of “never do well” to an “Expired State”. From a failed state you fall to a State of never do well then finally an “Expired State”. Nigeria has Expired and we need a National rebirth now!”

@balogunfd thinks Nigeria is steadily on the part to becoming a failed state “Nigeria is racing towards becoming a fully failed state. ^attributes of failed states: >Sovereignty & legitimacy of gov in some parts on NG is gradually been washed off. >Economy has become unbearable for abt 75% of the populace. >Subjugation of some arms of gov”

@MACBRIGGS lists the characteristics of a failed state “Common characteristics of a failing state include a central government so weak or ineffective that it has an inability to raise taxes or other support, and has little practical control over much of its territory and hence there is a non-provision of public services ~ Wikipedia.”

@abumchetachi reacted thus “The truth is that with the way things are happening and the presidency seems to be in opposition with itself & without regards to the life of the citizens, Nigeria is a failed state and if nothing is done to savage it,it will cease to exist before 2023”

@profgizzonacure traced the nation’s problem to 1914 “Well, I think if a maize seedling produces maize, it cannot be called failure. It’s expected. The chaos you have mentioned above are expected products of the 1914 totally self-centered british experiment”.

@yemiokee contributed to the discuss as well “Nigeria is already in a situation where by every citizen must stand against tyranny or else things won’t change”

@ThisIsPOU suggested “Can we all agree that in identifying with Nigerians over the failed State of the Nation as Nigeria marks it’s 60th anniversary, we all change our DPs to black in mourning & in protest? Any specific design we can all use?”

Always considered on #TheRoundtableNG was the strike by Joint Health Sector Unions(JOHESU) which began yesterday.

To @balogunfd “It unthinkable that gov is allowing health professionals to go on strike. Height of callousness & an indicator that our leaders don’t care about people. They can travel out for quality treatment but yet fail to provide “substandard” healthcare to common people.”

@ThisIsPOU “The airspace is now open. They’ll soon start flying. Imagine the NASS extending their leave for another 2 weeks while the Nation groans under hike in everything”.

@balogunfd “They simply don’t care. Any serious leadership will lose sleep about the pathetic situation we gradually walked ourselves into. I challenge anyone to tell me a sector of the economy that isn’t in crisis. It’s unfortunate; we are parading goblins as leaders.”

Finally on #TheRoundtableNG was the move by the FG to ban packaging & sale of alcohol in sachet PET bottles in other to reduce availability & curb abuse.

@OgbeideSmith wondered how this is the problem of Nigeria “Is the problem of Nigeria now Sachet Alcohol? Why are our leaders avoiding the house that is ravaged by fire and chasing after Rats? Total loss of focus and direction”.

@ThisIsPOU tweeted “After spending 2m to destroy a container of tramadol, NAFDAC has run out of ideas”, @OgbeideSmith responded “How does this ban drugs still find their way into our markets? It is now a big business for some few “above the law” Nigerians. Do you know the actual quantity confiscated and the the ones destroyed? They are chasing shadows now”.

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