Nigerians SPEAK on End SARS protests.

The last edition of #TheRoundtableNG for the week focused solely on the now 4 days old End SARS Protests, government response to the protests and what ought to be done going forward.

@TenovoTenChido tweeted “1).The youths can actually protest. 2).This chaos in the police serves the purpose the high and might want. 3).The government doesn’t really care. 4).We as Nigerians are truly tired of everything here and it’s only a matter of time we protest this terrible governance.

@Lil_Gablex supports the extension on the protests till the government begins to act more responsibly towards the plight of its citizens “It would end only when then govt starts to act. Nigerians are known to be tolerant, so for them to have taken this this far is a sign they’re tired of saying nothing.”

@ThisIsPOU and @hartarmah1 share the same optimism about the protests not ending anytime soon. “I don’t think this is ending anytime soon. Some eople are scheduled for another #EndSARS protest in Ikoyi tomorrow”. “It is just starting. It can’t end just like that”

@dearIyanu calls out the irresponsibility of the Nigerian government “We have an irresponsible government who takes their citizens for a piece of trash. Buhari & IG should call SARS/Police to order. Kudos to the brave fellows out there protesting.”

Responding to why it is so difficult to End SARS, she adds “Because an average Nig. Policeman out there is just there to extort Nigerians & they’re all working together. Even if they End SARS, Police Brutality will continue.”

Also responding to why it seems difficult for the government to heed to the cry of the people @Lil_Gablex responds “The govt wants to play hero, so when things are bad, it gives them the opportunity to bring their noodles, rice, salt and others as a way of showing concern and the @PoliceNG has been playing a good role in that…”

@GoldMyrrhFranki reminds Nigerians of how we got here “We got here through anger. The average Nigerian has had enough. They impoverish us and they won’t even allow us be poor in peace. They send their robbers to take the little we have. It’s obvious we don’t have a govt. Else how nigeria be boiling under the anger of the youth and and three days on, not even “pim” from the president or “presidency?”. All we have is a bunch of guys eating slice after slice of the national cake and never caring if everyone else is starving. We have never had it so bad.”

@ThisIsPOU reminds @GoldMyrrhFranki of Mr President’s hearing challenges, his conclusion is “In that case, he should resign. We can’t all die because we elected a king with not only an ear problem but brain problem as well.”

Also tweeting @balogunfd states “The decadence in Nigeria didn’t start today, it got worse as 4th republic leadership becomes more inept. Employment into police is hardly based on merit. Promotion within the force is rarely based on merit. Welfare of police personal is fantastically poor.

Politicians recruited their political brutes into the police & organized many into special formations like SARS. This was started by governors during OBJ tenure. 2007 elections witnessed the use of SARS officers by the politicians to rig themselves into power.”

@hartarmah1 believes restructuring will also go a long way in addressing these challenges “We are here cuz govt using their dogs are committing genocide in the SW. Is not in the North. In fact,I am so impressed with the action so far,the cooperation,unity of the youths,1st time. Govt as usual is a failure,no response. Restructure the country”

@MeccaUS expresses pleasure over the strength and resolve shown by Nigerians thus far “First off, I am very pleased with the cohesion of protesters. We got here because we have a boneheaded government that is impervious to reason. The only language they understand is widescale violence. The protesters despite govt’s lack of response or over zealouness have conducted themselves very well. In spite of all this, the FG through the police PRO have resorted to telling unbridled lies to protect their cash cow, SARS. The FG needs to end SARS & ensure that psycho’s are not recruited into @PoliceNG.

Then, as a matter of urgency, random drug & alcohol tests must be carried out on all Police officers to ensure that they’re in the right frame of mind always.”

@Lil_Gablex alerted Nigerians that despite the protests, some SARS personnel are still going about the ‘usual’ business “The govt is yet to response as far as I can see cos this guys are still roaming the street, flouting the govts orders… As par d people, kudos to those on the streets… Our 9-5 won’t let us we sef suppose dey there. I remember My brothers encounter with dem n dat of others.”

@ChinweOfoha2 commended the resolve of the Nigerian youths “I want to appreciate the youth from different parts of the country who have been part of the protests,it is indeed commendable and evidence that when we come together we can achieve so much.The 3 day protests have been very incisive. It would be wise of the government to yield to the demands of the people,the atrocities citizens have been enduring in the hands of the the squad have become intolerable and something has to give.

The comments by Police PRO, Frank MBA, berating protesters necessitated a question from @zeit1607 “what’s wrong with being a pseudo activist? Which is more important, the message or the messenger?”

The struggle to end police brutality is a collective one. Everyone should speak out against the atrocities of men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) – you never know who will be their next victim.

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