Nigerians SPEAK on high cost of baking bread & electoral violence.

The first issue for consideration on #TheRoundtableNG last night, was the lamentation of members of the Bakers Union on the high cost of purchasing baking ingredients in Nigeria. A situation they described as a “near wipeout of the bread-making industry”.

@ThisIsPOU tweeted “More people may lose their jobs amidst growing insecurity. This is just one of so many industries that may be forced to shut down it’s production line in the coming months. What can be done to avoid a total collapse of these industries & save jobs?”

Also commenting @MACBRIGGS added “The more scary thing is that this government lacks the ability to get citizens on board its important decision making.”

@OgbeideSmith also contributed to the discuss “The only thing that can be done is for the government to accept its incompetencies and bring in good heads into the economic team because it is the bad economic decisions being taken by the Government that is gradually crippling small businesses in the country.”

To @SpelledSanmi “It is sad that a particular industry has to shoutout that things are getting out of hand before the FG/ Ministers do anything. Even though they take loans, with the scarcity, they wouldn’t be able to make anything hence not be able to pay back the loans.

All this adminstration does is form Agendas, committees and bad policies.”

To @GoldMyrrhFranki the government should serve itself the confusion “First, if the govt does not want to deliberately punish the people, the borders should be opened immediately. Where is the sense in closing your borders and then import grains?”

@geeweeny wondered how people refused to learn from the experiences of 1983 “For some of us who didn’t experience 1983, we read about experiences like this and yet intelligent people thought that a man behind the sufferings of Nigerians then will bring a change to Nigeria. SMH

You know what they say on this street, it’s just vibes and cruise. We have a government that are just there to enrich themselves and the Nigerian masses aren’t in their plans.” and @IamtheOGEE added “warreabout the insha allah?”

@OgbeideSmith contributed further “I dey laugh o!!! We are gradually entering famine season…Well, the FG will open the Grain store very soon and share sacs of grains to those who can’t afford bread anymore till the famine is over.

“He has no plans for us any more. You know how old you will be come 2050? That’s to tell you they are now planning for the children now and those unborn,not una wey be elders already. Endure hunger now so that your children can eat come 2050!”

@ThisIsPOU reminded Nigerians of the sad days of Egypt “The days of Egypt? No rice, no bread. Then what? This thing no go funny o”

Also contributing @Sogbey1 tweeted “This is an industry that we cannot afford to have shut down. The hardship that will ensue will be of multinational level. It’s so painful we have a government that isn’t sensitive to the plight of its populace. Going forward, can the government grant waivers to importers?

Can the central bank issue soft loans to bakeries to cushion this problem? There are so much on the plates of ordinary Nigerians right now. Adding bread scarcity tobi might just be the straw that will break the camels hunch. Bread is a staple food everybody eats.”

Contributing again @SpelledSanmi added “Can the central bank issue soft loans to bakeries to cushion this problem? There are so much on the plates of ordinary Nigerians right now. Adding bread scarcity tobi might just be the straw that will break the camels hunch. Bread is a staple food everybody eats.

Almost every sector is shouting for either scarcity of raw material. With the no import ban and the raise in everything from fuel and electricity, I wonder how the FG will get away with this one.”

To @Ochukohenry “It’s just sad to see Nigerians go tru hard life for no reason. The worse thought is that, it can be avoided or fixed yet nothing is done. I actually listened to a friend complaining about it and I was scared. Rough time.”

@Troubleman01 sums it up thus “Buhari! Chai! …God forbid bad thing doesn’t even cut it for this man! Tufia to each of you that thumb printed this problem upon us!”

The second issue discussed on #TheRoundtableNG is the issue of electoral violence and Ondo state served as a case in point, following the killing of a party supporter for wearing a party face cap and the burning of INEC’s office in the state.

@ThisIsPOU set the ball rolling “Is this the next level? What is the Governor Rotimi Akeredolu doing to curb this new level of violence? How can a man just be killed, not for stealing but because he wore a rival party face cap in a community. What level of intolerance & inhumanity is this?”

@SpelledSanmi tweeted “You are right about this new normal. Edo and Ondo are doing politics like this would determine who will rule the world. I blame the parties, they know what is happening and they just let it fly”

To @Sogbey1 “It bleeds my heart to know that youth out there still allow themselves to be used by these blood thirsty politicians. Something has to be done. I fear for the coming elections in Edo and Ondo, let’s not have another Kogi in our hands. Security forces needs to get it right.”, responding @SpelledSanmi tweeted “If the security forces are doing their jobs, there will be less of this nonsense but when money is being passed under the table to all channels this is what we get.”

@Lil_Gablex blamed the political parties for encouraging violence “This is a case of a people suffering from poverty, insanity mixed with intense hardship. When politicians are allowed to say whatever, promise whatever and do whatever, those behind them worship them without applying sense which then results to this. The party is to blame!

This shows that the party haven’t yet schooled their supporters on the importance, necessity and the fact that politics is legally supposed to be competitive to get the best but when they themselves know their intentions are all lies, they’ll support extremism to win d seat”.

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