Nigerians SPEAK on Independence celebrations & plagiarized logo.

#TheRoundtableNG last night focused on addressing the controversy surrounding the nation’s 60th independence anniversary. From the proposed year-long celebration and then the plagiarized logo.

@OgbeideSmith expressed his disappointment over the anniversary ‘celebration’ “Resources aside,what are we even celebrating? That we are more divided than ever before? That the government of the day with all the security agents cannot stop the insecurity in the land and results to use one year celebration wasting money to achieve it?”

@ThisIsPOU added “The Nation should be in a sober mood. We should be ashamed that in 60yrs, our leaders still fly out for medicals, Our sovereignty has been seeded to China, People are living in fear of bandits, terrorists etc. In 60yrs, we don’t have 24hrs power supply”

@OgbeideSmith summarised thus “As a matter of fact,our flag should fly half mast nation wide as Nigeria mourns”

@SpelledSanmi “There are brilliant people that could do these things for them but they would rather copy and disgrace themselves. Sometimes, you wonder they even think”

@profgizzonacure goes philosophical “I think this is a beautiful error that is yet poetic. Nigeria as an entity is as unoriginal as the logo stolen from russia so let’s call it a poetic justice. And we don’t have resources or a reason to celebrate a whole day talk of a whole year”

@Edirined took everyone down memory lane “From the fake Nigeria airline to APC’s next level nonsense and more others…. Shame and disgrace”

@Lil_Gablex asked Nigerians to wait and see “Did you just ask if we v d resources for a year long celebration? Anything that creates an avenue for dis guys to loot is readily achievable. You’ll be shocked at how funds would surface for this occasion even with d news of “no money” dat we’ve been hearing. Wait and see!”

To @godwinCharisma “Same way they copied a bill from Singapore. #Disgrace This govt cud be liken to a new style of sex. “Staying on top & doing nothing.” Wht’ll it take to engage Nigerians to do this? Lt Pa Michael dt designed our flag must be rolling in his grave”

@ovigho tweeted “plagiarism is in their DNA”

@newNigeriaman sums it up thus “You copy because you cannot create. Nothing can change Nigeria unless we become better people with the spirit of excellence. You can only give what you have.”

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