Nigerians SPEAK: on jumbo pay for National Assembly members

On the last edition of the #TheRoundtableNG for this week, the focus was on the revelation that members of Nigeria’s House of Representatives(HOR), take home N9.3m monthly, 800,000 as salary and office running costs 8.5m.

@ThisIsPOU considers this amount multiplied by the number of Honourable members as a colossal waste “At a time were complaining about high cost of governance & scarce resources, does this make any sense? This figure doesn’t include the cars they get each year. While masses are always told to sacrifice, what are the @nassnigeria members sacrificing?

@donemy2000 is advocating for a unicameral legislature “The question is how do we stop this madness? It’s high time we switch to unicameral legislature buh how do we get there cos Nigerians that am seeing are nt ready 4 a positive change at all. All we do is lament and lament come to social media and shout then it ends there.”

@NatashaOfLagos believes the National Assembly isn’t worth spending such amount of money on “How can we be spending so much on NASS when clearly their use is overrated. It’s not sensible that we spend so much financing them.

She further advocates that “First we have to make the House of Rep unappealing, reduce the salary and incentives, so anyone that decides to represent his/her constituency WILL HAVE NO CHOICE than to do it because he wants to help his people. Our Reps are selfish, and that has to change immediately.”

To @EbongJc “These guys are just sucking Nigeria dry. Period!”

@MACBRIGGS tweeted “May I include that the above sum is the taxable figures known to all, it excludes the amount that exchange hands behind the scenes. This revelation however is nothing near to what the senators earn. Suffice to say that @nassnigeria earns the highest among their peers.”

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