Nigerians SPEAK on N100b budget for NASS.

Thursday 8 October‘s edition of #TheRoundtableNG centered on the N100bn for @nassnigeria in the 2021 Appropriation Bill.

The same cycle of waste is been repeated. How many meaningful constituency projects have been executed in the last 1yr that warranted the inclusion & approval of another N100bn in the 2021 budget for NASS? Isn’t the Buhari government trying to block waste anymore?

@TenovaTenChido tweeted “I’ve maintained that seperration of power is a sham in this country. How can a set of people determine their own salaries and allowances and at the same time determine how much is being borrowed without adequate checks?”

@ThisIsPOU wondered if “Buhari has given up on the fight against corruption in the NASS”, @dearIyanu asked “was he really fighting before”.

@SpelledSanmi reminded Nigerians of the saddest aspect of this reckless spending “This is even sadder to know that he said we will borrow to fund the budget. I bet they will be another probe next year to show that that 100Bn has disappeared again. Sometimes you wonder what their plans for the country is.”

@dearIyanu again reminded Nigerians of the obvious “We are already on the borrowing lane! Borrow till 2023!”

@ChinweOfoha2 tweeted “It is unfortunate that this government would release funds to the tune of 100bn in a country said to be the poverty capital of the world that would probably end up in private pockets while there is nothing to show for it.”

While @DAjibawo believes “We have not be holding the right authorities accountable for the monies FG releases. When last did you ask your local govt questions?”; @ThisIsPOU and @Agbata77 drew his attention to different facts “Is it the LG we should hold responsible for the N100bn constituency allowance for NASS? Is it only roads that the FG is responsible for? We should hold LG accountable for what the FG is responsible for? We should ask questions but not shift responsibilities”

“But the Caretaker committees & Chairmen are just figure heads & back channels for Governors to steal. Governors have made LGAs useless for a long time. Even if Buhari’s executive order does start to work, it will be long b4 the LGAs can resist the Governors.”

Majority of Nigerians are united on the fact that the National Assembly has not done enough to justify the huge budgetary allocation it receives every year, hence the need to cut down on this huge liability – especially at a time when funding the budget is extremely difficult.

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