Nigerians SPEAK on Ondo elections.

Last night’s edition of #TheRoundtableNG focused on the governorship election in Ondo state this Saturday, will the peace accord signed by the candidates by binding? Are the relevant agencies ready to ensure votes count in Ondo?

@ObidiAnagba4 doesn’t believe Nigerian elections can be free and fair “There is nothing as free and fair elections in the political lexicon of an average Nigerian government or politicians. Politics is Zero Sum in Nigeria. Winner takes all. Irrespective of the process either flawed or fair. Kudos to the US / UK for their intervention especially as it concerns our politicians on the Visa ban policy.”

@SpelledSanmi believes the ball is in INEC’s court to deliver “If the INEC do what they did in Edo or even better, I think we might just have another good election. Fingers crossed”

To @gr8tmindd “one thing is very significant in Edo election and that is the visa ban. Had it been that this ban was placed during the general election, we would have had at least a near free and fair election.”

@olunwachukwu “I think this administration has no choice now than to conduct free, fair and credible elections going forward. All eyes are on them now. Edo election has raised the standard already and all the affected agencies should just copy and paste.” @ThisIsPOU asks further “So you really think this admin has no choice in a matter that may have effects on their 2023 ambition? Hope we’re not underestimating the APC led govt of Buhari”

@Solomonapenja tweeted “President Buhari and his Party have absolutely NO interests in free and fair elections in Nigeria. INEC and security agencies are ready, willing tools for the scheme Edo went as it did because they got their hands tied by that sledgehammer by @USinNigeria and @UKinNigeria”

@kenchuky predicts a PDP win “If there be a level playing ground for all the candidates on Saturday, I expect PDP to carry the day.”

@MACBRIGGS expresses his reservation over the willingness of the APC led government to ensure elections are free and fair “There are incidents to support the fact that the ruling party @OfficialAPCNg
is in no way committed to a free and fair election in the country generally. The refusal of the president to sign the electoral act amendment is one of these reasons.

We must also not take what happened in #Edo as a template for measuring their readiness for a free and fair election. There are many factors that facilitated the out come in Edo, one was the refusall by the people to be lorded it over, godfatherism which I don’t think the people of Ondo state are willing to be free from. Having said that I expect thugs from kogi, Lagos and other APC strongholds to disrupt the election.”

@balogunfd also expresses reservations over the willingness of ‘the powers that be’ to ensure the elections are free and fair “INEC should continue the use of electronic transmission, same way it was used in Edo. However, the incumbent is in the goods books of party leadership, & he’s one of those who will disrupt someone’s president ambition ahead of 2023. I expect usual police magic.”

To @EbongJc the electoral umpire and all other stakeholders should be a chance “I think we should give INEC and the security operatives a chance. If Edo could be free and fair, at least to an extent, Ondo could follow similar path”

Also contributing @ChinweOfoha2 tweeted “Good evening everyone. Well,one cannot be sure of APC when it comes to elections,I hope they would allow the state have a free and fair election,in case they don’t it would be nice for the US to implement a visa ban on all erring politicians this would serve as a deterrent to others to do the right thing. For sure the outcome of #edodecide2020 would impact the polls come Saturday 9/10/2020”

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