Nigerians SPEAK: on plans by FG to exploit NYSC doctors.

The first issue for discuss on #TheRoundtableNG was the directive by the federal government to Chief Medical Directors(CMD’s) of federal hospitals to immediately commence the use of NYSC doctors to provide routine services following the strike by the National Association of Resident Doctors(NARD) which began on Monday. The question remains, couldn’t this strike have been nipped in the bud?

@geeweeny tweeted “Like i said few days ago, our government don’t care about the Nigerian masses and they don’t care about developing our health sector cos they don’t patronize them, they have access to the best healthcare in the world, paid by the Nigerian taxpayers”.

Tweeting at the Minister of Health @ThisIsPOU asked “Was the warning not seen as serious enough to warrant an emergency meeting? Then the Minister is saying their job is to save lives & it should come first. Are you not receiving your salary & allowances as a minister is the Nigerian govt owing you?”

@geeweeny added “their job is saving lives but you have to be alive first in order to save someone’s else. That blackmail can’t work any longer. The FG should do the needful and if there is loss of lives, it’s the government’s fault. Health workers in Nigeria deserve better.

Do they understand what essential services mean, we just have greedy set of people in government and i don’t blame them most times, it’s the system. That’s why every right thinking Nigerian should be asking for restructuring cos this old system isn’t working.”

@ThisIsPOU blasted the federal government for insensitivity “A govt that reduced the budget for Healthcare during the pandemic. It shows where their interest lies. Next thing you’ll hear is that Buhari is going to London for medical check up while Nigerians are stuck with NYSC doctors.

I just don’t understand these people. A warning was issued, you did nothing. They commenced the strike on Monday but you scheduled a meeting for Wednesday. Then you issue a directive for corpers to take over jobs of resident doctors. Are we not mad?”

@remirex tweeted thus “It’s the normal tradition between government and public workforce. Most times, only the entrance of a ‘strike’ factor brings both parties to negotiations. It’s unfortunate, but it’s become the normal tradition. Unfortunate, significantly, at this period of a global health crisis”

To @balogunfd “Can we put face who within the FG made this insensitive and lowly comment?. Anyway, Baba has bed space in Uk hospital and now mama has opened Dubai bed space. International flight has resumed, the masses can die, it’s non of their businesses. Where is empathy?”

In @OgbeideSmith’s opinion “O my God! I bet you it won’t fly and I pity any NYSC doctor that will do that,I know they won’t even comply because they too will want to do their residency so what ever role they play today will determine the success of their residency in the future.

The CMD’s will not comply. It is so disheartening to see the FG toiling with doctors that another country brought in flight during the lockdown with extra rosy package to entice them to their country to work. I weep for the insensitivity of these government.

The second issue up for discuss on #TheRoundtableNG was the the reported shooting of a man by an officer of the Civil Defence Corps in Abia State.

@ThisIsPOU stated “I recall there was even a time the FRSC were also agitating for their personnel to carry firearms. Can you imagine what would have happened during the lockdown from some of the videos we saw online? Is the NDCDC @CIVILDEFENDERS an arm of the @PoliceNG?”

@Obaje147 tweeted “Weapon can be assessed anywhere around you. They should have their mental health scrutinized periodically. Best way to reduce this madness.”

@balogunfd sympathized with the victim’s family “It’s unfortunate. However, the mishap shld be investigated so as learn how to forestall such. I support NSCDC’s use of fire arms, they’v specific role & I believe they ain’t yet as terrible as police. Heavy compensation shld be paid to the family of the deceased.”

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