Nigerians SPEAK: On President Buhari’s independence day speech.

Independence Day edition of #TheRoundtableNG focused on President Buhari’s speech, his penchant for blaming past leader for the failures of his administration, amongst other blunders from his poorly written 60th Independence Day address.

@solomonapenja took the first shot “For me, it was the audacity. The effrontary This man withheld assent to amendments of the Electoral Act, four times! just so he could rig himself in. He also raped the judiciary Then, after the travesty that was Kogi, he hailed Bello “for a race well run and a victory well won”

In response @ThisIsPOU added “The man that has almost destroyed Nigeria through his failed economic reforms, lopsided appointments, ineffectiveness on the security situation & his divisiveness on national issues, is accusing past leaders of almost destroying the country. What an irony”

Continuing the conversation @solomonapenja added “He is the single biggest threat facing the unity/cohesion/survival and economic progress of Nigeria as at today What Nigerians deserved from the man today was not that monologue of a speech but an interactive engagement, even if it be with journalists from NTA, FRCN and Channels

There’re serious, pressing national issues which need to be addressed in a question and answer session. He cannot just come on air, reprimand citizens in his speech then return to his cocoon to continue feeding at the citizen’s expense He should answer questions from the people”

@ThisIsPOU “All he wanted was to be President & live the good life. Since he was removed from office in the 80’s, he never wrote a letter nor a book, never gave a speech at a seminar or conference, never instituted a foundation or anything. Just wanted to live off Nigerians”

@TenovaTenChido also bared his mind on the subject matter “That entire thread was just disgraceful to say the least. I wonder why he has adamantly refused to sign the electoral bill.”

@tope_akan decided to save herself the stress of listening to another empty speech “I refused to listen to his speech today cos no achievement at all”

@dearIyanu also adopted same approach “To be candid, I didn’t read nor listen to his speech because it’s a waste of time to me.” whilst also seeking clarification to what Nigerians can do to resist the burden placed on them by this government “Protest is one of the ways citizens shows disapproval of government flaws but we noticed this administration frowns at it. They muffled us by arresting protestant & even lock up some as a deterrence to others. What can we do to help that situation”

@zeit1607 tweeted “Some dotards in Aso Rock wrote this not the president who is unaware of the things around him. Nigeria is effectively in the hands of some mindless manipulators” to which @ThisIsPOU responded “Whether it was written by a mad man in the street, it was published on the President’s handle as his speech. Whether he’s an imbecile or not, whatever is published on his handle & conveyed to Nigerians as his speech is what it is & represents him & his govt”

@TroubleMan01 summarised his thoughts “Me I’m sha tired of this man”

@MACBRIGGS didn’t hide his disdain for the president’s speech “It was so shameful reading such a poor worded speech from the president when we have innumerable questions in the heart of Nigerians today waiting to be addressed. For country never divided the way it is now, I’d expected a message of hope, encouragement and assurance.”

To @olunwachukwu “I will rather stay silent tonight. The speech was a complete disaster. The speech writer, the reader and the speech itself is a complete waste of time.”

@Rolex7Michael thanked #TheRoundtableNG for xraying the President’s speech “Mr. President’s entire speech today further exposes his incompetence, bigotry and tyranny. It also exposes the laziness and intellectual naivety of his handle. Too many blunders from PMS price to issues around democracy around the world.”

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