Nigerians SPEAK: on Restructuring.

Last night’s edition of #TheRoundtableNG dealt with the comment by Northern Elders Forum(NEF) “that Nigeria is not working & must be restructured to battle the fundamental issues in the country. He also called for the need to revise the constitution guiding the country”.

In the same vein, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide, Pastor Enoch Adeboye had hinted a few day ago that “The two basic functions of the state to secure citizens & provide for their welfare is failing” What’s your view on restructuring? Is it an end in itself? Does this FG have the will power to restructure Nigeria?”

@TenovaTenChido seeks to know what the proposed restructuring entails “Truthfully I want to know, what does this restructuring entail? Is it the federal character that’s being restructured?”

@Lil_Gablex has little or no faith in the present administration “This govt won’t do anything that’ll expose them for the thieves they are, trust me. We’ll have the right to talk about restructuring when we’ve jointly agreed to speak in 1 voice, recover authority from d hands of APC and PDP and kept in new people with “Positive n Genuine plans”.

@ObidiAnagba4 stands for federalism “Federalism were resources is given to the blocs or regions or whatsoever we want to call it. Power should be decentralised as well as changing our system of government from Presidential to parliamentary to curb wastages.”

@ChinweOfoha doesn’t believe this government has the capacity to restructure the nation “Our country does need restructuring but the present government will not do it,when next we go to the polls we need to seek leaders that would do what they say,not the ones that would promise things they know they would not do.

Restructuring may not be an end in itself but it would if implemented go a long way to address many of the challenges currently bedeviling the nation.”

To @solomonapenja “The options before Nigeria now: restructure or burst Truth is, Nigeria has problems. Foundational, structural, systemic problems. We cannot continue to run the country as it is currently run. Things MUST change. The old order must give, if Nigeria is to survive

Those who oppose #RestructureNigeria do not want solution to Nigeria’s problems. That is classic unpatriotic, enemy behaviour. Those ones will rather pretend Nigeria’s myriad issues do not exist or, they’ll insist the order is maintained because it serves them” @ThisIsPOU responded “Will the presidency listen now that the Northern Elders Forum are also lending their voice to this issue? You’d rather call that the presidency rebuffed the RCCG GO on this issue a few days ago”

@Lil_Gablex reminded Nigerians that “He has a ear problem, remember?”

@MACBRIGGS tweets “It must be said that structuring Nigeria is sacrosanct, the call from Northern elders forum is just a voice among many calling for the devolution of power to the regions where the six geopolitical zones will have to work out measures of improving the standard of living for her

People with no ethno-religious prejudices. The truth is that what we pretend to be holding us together has come to the yielding point and must no the stretched any further.”

@fadeagbo doesn’t believe restructuring hold the answer to Nigeria’s problems “Even if you break up to 774 countries, the issues and complaints will remain as long as the underlying character defects of our society across all sectors, ethnicities, religions, gender and generations remain unaddressed.”

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