Nigerians SPEAK on the rewarding of bandits in Katsina state.

Two issues were up for discussion on #TheRoundtableNG last night, the first being plans by the Katsina state government to give houses, market stalls & farmlands to bandits willing to surrender & handover their arms to security operatives.

@ThisIsPOU asked “Are we not inviting for trouble for ourselves by “paying” bandits? What’s the work of our security & intelligence forces? Is Nigeria now at the mercy of bandits? What was achieved in Kaduna when bandits were paid in the past?” @MileyKing11 responded “it is devestating for the government to now resolve to negotiations with bandits in the country. Someone that was not offended in any way it’s now been offered negotiations, tbh we are giving room for more terrorism and insugence in the country”

To @OgbeideSmith, “The Nigerianship is sinking and those in vantage positions and in power are using this opportunity to settle their people. But my worry is this,assuming they are bandits,are we now enticing terrorists/bandits with gifts because we can no longer combat them?”; a submission @Obaje147 concurs with “Unfortunately that’s what it looks.”

Also contributing @hartarmah1 tweeted “We know their tactics, script. It is no longer something. Nigeria is drifting&thank God the presidency is working towards achieving it. They are creating monsters&they will suffer for it. See this everyone they you’ll understand more what is going on”.

@zeit1607 accused the government of insincerity in the fight against insecurity “government is paying lipservice 2 dire security situation in Nigeria. Until there’s a political will 2 end insurgency it will continue. @MBuhari years b4 he mounted d saddle said government is Boko Haram, according 2 him government has d means 2 dislodge them.” responding @MACBRIGGS believes the Buhari administration lacks the capacity to do anything “I sincerely believe this has gone beyond what THIS government can control. It is one thing to say something outside the corridors of power, remember he boasted of making the Naira equal to the dollar and some idiots believe. Buhari simply doesn’t have what it takes to govern.

In a series of tweets @MACBRIGGS further clarified his position “It must be said at this juncture that Nigeria is at war, there’s no denying that. It’s a mainstream belief that these aggression are planned which have now been hijacked by elements beyond the powers of the originators.

For the above reasons, international community many say are being so sceptical about sending troops to Nigeria, not really understanding the true situation of things. Nigerian government on the other hand insists on calling these gruesome killings are mere communal clash.

The truth is, these are no just bandits by the measure of the onslaught and the network they operate on, they are well trained groups deployed to strategic areas equipment with sophisticated arms, the juicy offerings from the FGN only makes it worse, it only calls for recruits.

@profgizzonacure also contributed to the discuss “Would be nice if we had anybody who’s been to places affected by these scourge who could give us a report on who these bandits are and what the identity of the communities being targeted is but I saw a clip here on Twitter yesterday that indicted the president of trying to forcefully settle Fulanis from outside Nigeria in parts of Nigeria hence the violence. Let’s remember that Gana the Benue Kingpin also alluded to the same so it could hardly be further from the truth.”

On the moves by the Akwa Ibom state Resident Electoral Commission of INEC, Mr Mike Igini, on plans to prosecute 4 university lecturers over electoral offences and the saking of its staff:

@MACBRIGGS tweeted thus “You see, prosecuting offenders for electoral malpractice is a move in the right direction, but the big question, is Akwa Ibom is the only affected State or is this an issue of witch-hunt?

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