Nigerians SPEAK on visa ban for violent politicians, insecurity.

On the front burner on #TheRoundtableNG last night was the “the reported visa ban of some Nigerian politicians by the US government for their actions during last year’s Kogi & Bayelsa State elections; considering that the September & October Edo & Ondo elections are around the corner.

@ThisIsPOU posited “Some of those said to be affected include current Govs of Kano & Kogi, current Gov of Kaduna State who has been banned from entering the US since 2010 & a former Gov of Edo State Will this ban have any effect since they & their families can still enter Europe?”

@Sogbey1 added “The ban will be felt in every way. It would have been better their families are also ban. Better still, what
@bukolasaraki said that EU, UK and other nations should also implement same. Guess, the message is being sent, no more tolerance to election riggers.

@Agbata77 cautioned against Nigerians relying too much on foreign countries “The reality, is that foreign Govts play a more sinister role in our electoral processes & their position is always to protect first the interests of their countries. To that end, they’d always work against the emergence of a truly viable leadership for Nigeria.”

@abosedeogundimu cautioned against a ban being placed on the family members of the politicians being banned “The ban can only be effective if other countries ban the politicians too. I am not sure that members of their families can be banned. They didn’t do anything wrong.”

To @GoldMyrrhFranki despite being baby steps, the move is still welcomed “The move is a very welcome one. It may not, however, have much significant impact unless Europe and the UAE follow suit. This is a start and if we keep talking, more will happen.”

@OgbeideSmith agrees that the ban will serve as a deterrent to other electoral thieves “It is a big dent on their image internationally, because most countries will look very keenly on anyone the US places a visa ban on. Remember the issue when Sir Atiku was foolishly harassed to enter the US? A visa ban on a politician puts a question mark on his integrity.”

@abosedeogundimu hinted that her expectation was for Nigerian leaders to be prevented from medical tourism “What I expected was that all of the European countries will ban all Nigerian politicians from visiting their countries on medical tourism. They won’t do that as the visit positively impact their economies.”

@SpelledSanmi welcomed the ban but hinted that other countries need to do so as well “The ban is a welcome effort from the US but unless other top countries join, it wouldn’t matter. They will just stay here and embezzle as much money as they want and travel to other countries.”

Also contributing to the discuss @geeweeny tweeted “i think it’s a great development, maybe this will make them sit up and maybe the push for electoral reforms will have more weight now.”

@Obaje147 challenged the UK government to join the US in banning these individuals “If @10DowningStreet have any integrity, they should’ve follow suit. We know @10DowningStreet is as corrupt as Nigerian politicians. The only difference is that they are smartly corrupt.”

@godwinCharisma asked the US to release the names of those banned ”
@StateDept should do well to pls give us the names of those Politicians. It isn’t enough to stop them from coming over to d US. They should as well tell all their allies so these miscreants know the full wrath of wht’s to come. But unfortunately, they dn’t care.”

Also contributing @YemiOkee stated “To me the visa ban is a welcome development and even to many Nigerians, because this will serve as a serious warning to our leaders (provided they are ready to change for better) and hopefully it will make the will of the people to prevail”

@ovigho expressed pessimism over the ban “Visa ban meant nothing and did nothing to Abacha, this is Abacha 2.0.”

The next issue on #TheRoundtableNG was the abduction of an operative of the DSS, alongside his 4yr old son in Kaduna. This comes few hours after bandits killed a 33yr old operative of the agency despite receiving N5m as ransom.

@ThisIsPOU asked “Ransom paid for a DSS operative? Who then is safe?”

@9jabloke responded “The answer is no one! Not the C-in-C who can’t frequent his home state. Not the CoAS whose state is under siege. Not the Chief of Defense Staff who has gone AWOL. The bottom line is the BOO-hari led govt has failed woefully in it’s primary responsibility of securing lives.”

@OgbeideSmith expressed fear with the current state of things “I am scared of this one o….DSS kidnapped and ransom was paid? Hmmmmm….A society where a goat kills a Lion is not safe to live in anymore.”

The last issue for consideration on #TheRoundtableNG was the takeover of a building belonging to the Nigerian Embassy in Kinshasa, CDR by police officers & armed hoodlums, after evicting staff & stealing valuables.

@9jabloke stated “To think that only yesterday, the President’s SSA on media went on a vitriolic rant against OBJ, stating that Nigeria now enjoys a level of respect like never before. The irony is, like has been shown in Ghana and CDR, no one respects this giant with feet of clay any more.

And the blame sits squarely on the desk of the atrociously weak and irresponsible leadership that is the current govt. It is like every one can now take a pot shot at Nigeria, in the knowledge that the man who leads the country is a weakling and there will be no consequences.”

@ThisIsPOU “In all my years as a Nigerian, I’ve never witnessed this level of disgrace. European countries treat Nigerian passport holders with disdain but the level of disrespect from African countries under Buhari is unprecedented. It’s alarming”

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