Nigerians SPEAK.

Nigerians on twitter are speaking out against the invitation of music producer Don Jazzy and singer Tiwa Savage by the DSS, following what the agency termed “Political Utterances”.

#TheRoundtableNG is hosted every weekday by @ThisIsPOU and gives Nigerians an opportunity to express their grievances or otherwise on the days’ trending topics.

@mydeji247 stated his opinion thus “You see, this country belongs to all of us, and nobody can treat us as 2nd Class citizens. The DSS invitation is nothing short of intimidation and executive rascality. If Buhari is tired, he should resign and get the hell out of Aso Rock. The recklessness is too much”.

@OgbeideSmith expressed his fears that the invitations like this will become a more frequent occurrence, “It is going to get messier. The handwriting on the wall is very clear,we are gradually entering an era we have witnessed before where freedom of expression and political affiliation will be a taboo. Totalitarianism has taken over “.

@GoldMyrrhFranki “I wouldn’t put it past this administration. The more they promulgate policies that dehumanise the masses, the more they look for ways to gag people and instill fear in order to prevent an uprising. It will get worse”.

@9jaBloke contributed thus “This is a govt headed by a man who had the distinct dishonor of promulgating one of the worst press freedom decrees ever in Nigeria’s history. This is a govt that has expended more energy on passing an anti social media bill than it has on improving the economy.

The BOO-hari led govt has a very low threshold for constructive criticism, irrespective of where it emanates. So, this is just another episode of its lack of tolerance for free speech. Like my learned colleagues will say, Res ipsa loquitur!”

On the increase in price of PMS as announced by the Pipeline and Product Marketing Company(PPMC):

@yinkuzjyde tweeted “We are even tired of complaining”.

While @SpelledSanmi tweeted “They are taxing everything to cover the loans they took, that we didn’t beg for. The project we pray they finish. Spending power is as low as ever, people could hardly feed themselves and family. People losing their jobs, idk what their plans are”.

Anchor @ThisIsPOU wondered what more the government has in store for Nigerians “Yesterday it was electricity hike. Today, fuel hike. What will it be tomorrow?”.

You too can join #TheRoundtableNG and express your opinions freely.

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