Northern Youths, bow your head in shame. – Bello Ibrahim

The #EndSARS saga has agained partitioned and clearly defined our impetus as a people. SARS brutality is most common in southern part of Nigeria, for whatever reason, it is a menace as far as the people are concerned. Like a plague, it spares no one. The protest was anchored by Southerners and the government budged, hence the dissolution of SARS.

The temerity of the protesters is a thing of envy to any sane northerner that is desirous of an end to senseless brutal killings on our soil. Our hypocrisy is so lucid that we now praise our oppressors.

According to some ignoramuses, Yahoo boys are the architect of the end SARS campaign. What a dummy argument. If Yahoo boys identified SARS as threat to their existence, they have successfully served as agents of SARS dissolution.

As a northerner, aren’t Boko Haram, Banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling, illiteracy and poor electricity your problems? What have you done to demand an end to these multiple problems?

Northern Youth, bow your head in shame. Act to demand for good Governance or keep quiet.


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