Nsima Ekere’s Habitual Display of Rascality. – Ini Ememobong

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Nsima Ekere’s Habitual Display of Rascality and the ill-fated Demand for the Removal of REC Igini

Today, at the signing of the Peace Accord organized by INEC, the ‘One chance’Governorship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Nsima Ekere exhibited his consistent, habitual and unrepentant show of rascality by coming hours after the event had started and sought to stroll across the main aisle of the venue. Of course by all protocol standards, he was advised to enter from the front door, but use the middle aisle to his seat which was at the other end of the hall. He resisted and insisted on swaggering pass the front. Protocol officers of INEC offered to take him to his seat but he left boasting that Igini must be removed.

Long before his arrival, his state chairman,Ini Okopido had arrived and was seated on his designated seat. The INEC REC asked about the whereabouts of his candidate, to which he replied that he (Nsima)was coming, that he had other engagements.

Earlier this morning, APC media hirelings had started celebrating the redeployment of the REC, which they alluded to the political sagacity of Senator Godswill Akpabio and the superior might of their party. Having realized their inability to remove the REC, Nsima Ekere and Godswill Akpabio hurriedly hatched the drama of coming late to disrupt the event. Like all other devilish plans, this has failed.

Raphael Edem did his duty of only introducing the Governor and other dignitaries and had stated clearly that he was not the MC. The official MC was Sammy Williams of Planet FM. But of course, Ini Okopido never tells the truth because he is always on the opposite side of the it. Mr. Okopido said that he was late because he was attending another event praying for peace, how laughable, when Nsima is known to adore, procure and sponsor violence. He was simply looking for a way of avoiding committing to the Peace accord, in preparation for their Warsaw promise.

All responsible Akwa Ibom Stakeholders including Obong Victor Attah attended the event in good time and participated effectively, but APC and their candidate Nsima Ekere can never conform to normal etiquette. Recall, that at the 80th birthday celebration of Obong Victor Attah, Mr.Nsima Ekere had displayed similar ill behaviors by arriving the event 2 hours after commencement with a band of scruffy looking persons and attempted to swagger through the main aisle of the hall, while the celebrator was speaking. It can be safely presumed that this is Nsima’s ‘notice me’ strategy .

We demand that INEC directs Nsima Ekere to immediately append his signature and subscribe to the Peace Accord.

Finally, we strongly condemn this habitual show of madness by Nsima Ekere, which if taken as a sample of our state’s behaviour can create a bad stereotype, that our people are habitual late comers and ill mannered.

Any attempt to use this unfortunate display of infantile disposition by Nsima Ekere, APC and Co to further their demand for the redeployment of Igini, will surely fail, as others have.


Comrade Ini Ememobong
State Publicity Secretary
People’s Democratic Party
Akwa Ibom State

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