Police and Army rivalry leaves CSP Fika blind.

A former CSP and Commander of Mobile Police Unit(MOPOL)41, Geidam, Yobe State, Dauda Buba Fika has been left permanently blind following an attack on him by men of 233 Battalion of the Nigeria Army, Damaturu, Yobe State.

Narrating the events of that day, CSP Fika said, “A minor traffic disagreement developed into altercation between the police and military. I went back to my house around 7pm and around 7am my orderly opened the door and behind him were three soldiers, they came in and they were shooting at the doors, the windows, and at everything in sight including the cars that were there. I could not even go back into the room if I had wanted to, because I could see bullets hitting my wardrobe and other things. They fired a rocket propeller which landed in the polytechnic. I was taken to the headquarters of the 233 battalion, when I got there i met the commander then we started hearing fire again. All of a sudden the heads of one of our drivers just exploded, that’s was when I knew we were under fire. Then one of the inspectors by my side fell, then I got a shot on my back which settled in my stomach and then another shot on my hips which made me fall down.”

While the police authorities have assisted CSP Fika since he was hospitalized, the authorities of the Nigeria Army have neither reached out to the former mopol commander nor assisted him in any way.

Recently men of the Nigeria Army killed some police officers attached to the Inspector General’s Intelligence Response Team(IRT) in Taraba State, claiming they mistook them for kidnappers – after receiving a distress call. Several cases abound of rivalries between security agencies which often result in death on either one or both sides.

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