Police Brutality in Nigeria and the End SARS Protest of 2020: The Issue of Sterotyped Criminal Profiling. – Emaediong Ofonime Akpan Esq.

“As protests rock the country the accounts of victims often told by a witness and accounts of survivors show a clear pattern of criminal profiling on the basis of biological determinism which has long been expunged. Criminal profiling on the basis of biological determinism implies assuming a person is a criminal on the basis of their physical appearance.

The Nigeria Police Force through its SARS Unit (which has been disbanded documentarily) subject a large number of it’s citizens to horrendous human rights abuses. They choose their victims on the basis of their appearance. While they adopt the biological determinism theory in criminal profiling they go a step further to making this a sterotype.

For the SARS unit the following physical characteristics of a person is an indicator of their criminal tendencies these include; tattoos, body piercings, hair colour and style, car, mobile phones and shoes. The Nigeria Police Force is still an ardent follower of Lombroso who himself had questioned the validity of his theories on biological determinism in identifying who is a criminal.

As opposed to employing modern trait theories which recognise that human traits and physical characteristics alone do not produce criminal behaviours. Thr Nigeria Police Force seems to have a knack for stereotyped Criminal profiling because it allows them pick and choose who should fall by their gun power without any ‘mental effort’. It would seem harrassing young citizens offers these Police officers an opportunity to get back at the society for the lives they cannot afford by harrasing and abusing the rights of citizens who can afford or appear to afford that life.

The foregoing begs the question is the Nigeria Police Force suffering from an ulceric wound whose stench has began to have everyone turn their noses? Is the Nigeria Police Force metting out brutality on it’s citizens for turning up their noses?”

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