Police reforms: Can the IGP deliver?

#TheRoundtableNG last night dwelt on the resolutions of the Nigerian Governors Forum(NGF) with regards to the #EndSARSProtest, in their virtual meeting with the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

While a number of issues where raised, the major focus for last night was in clause 6 “Governors are unequivocal that all police officers who participated in the abuse or actions that might have led to injury or death of innocent citizens must be fished out and brought to book while other Nigerians who have been adversely affected by Police brutality or other actions that are injurious to them or their loved once should be compensated.”

@kenchuky thinks “They should be fast in the #SARS issue so that we can move to ‘Expensive governance in Nigeria’ Our demands are still coming.”

@EnenimUbon wondered why the NGF unanimously supports the IGP even in the face of glaring failures “‘Governors are unanimous in their support for IGP’, does this in anyway mean the governors don’t think IGP has been lackadaisical towards the killing of protesters? Was he asked why that happened?”

@balogunfd tweets “The ‘wind of change #EndsSARS’ unmute NGF whose deafening ears against citizens is iconic. It’s best NGF adjust ahead of this hurricane. It’s not going to b business as usual very soon. Accountability will be the new mic. The race by NGF is to protect themselves.”

@ChinweOfoha2 “If Clause 6 can be followed to a logical conclusion and all culpable officers are brought to book it would send a signal to the rest of the miscreants among them to shape up or shape out.Enough is more than enough of the brazen impunity being displayed by their lot.” @ThisIsPOU responds “KEYWORD: followed to a logical conclusion. The Governors Forum must set up sub committees to see that their resolutions are followed through.”

On the governors unanimously supporting the IGP @zeit1607 tweeted “I mentioned earlier today that the real enemies of the people is not only the police but the political class- leaders-looters. They are the ones holding down the destiny of millions of Nigerians. The police are a product of the dysfunctional society created by the political class.

I don’t expect anyone enjoying the present outlandish largesse to give it up without a fight. It’s up to the youths and well meaning Nigerians to see that they don’t succeed. It’s looking like a new dawn for Nigeria. Whoever is not satisfied can call for a separate country”

@ThisIsPOU believes this pressure to be alive to responsibilities should be sustained on the ruling class “They never, in their wildest imagination, thought anything like this could happen. The Governors in the South will definitely think twice before embarking on any mission. We must keep the pressure coming.”

To @ChinweOfoha2 “sincerely feel for all the families that have been affected by the brutality of their country men but the on going protests is a clear signal to them that the days of brazen impunity against innocent citizens is over. Indeed the power is in our hands.”

Join other Nigerians in contributing to trending issues affecting our nation; #TheRoundtableNG begins at 7:30pm Nigerian time(Monday – Friday).



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