Passion: “A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Today we begin another year, a journey of 365 days. One that will definitely be a mixture of high and low moments. The key to pulling through depends greatly on how you have decided to start the game.

Ironically, the year begins on a Monday – while it is a holiday in many places, it only resounds the need to start the year in an official work day mode psychologically.

Although it is necessary to refill your passion this year(I earnestly hope you do), find something your entire being will derive satisfaction from to do, it is also important you realise that ‘YOUR PASSION ALONE WILL NOT SUSTAIN YOU ON THIS MARATHON’, you will most likely grow weary.

Passion alone is not enough to make you succeed.
With passion as your only armour, you are almost always certain to fight from the rear.

Passion does not depict or replace ability, gift or talent. You can be so passionate about a thing and still fail woefully at it.
Your passion will be better matched with preparation.

To refill your passion the right way: Determine to develop yourself, that’s the only way you can get better. Win or lose, let every experience teach you at least one valuable lesson. Evaluate yourself sincerely and without bias, can your gifting and passion ride in the same car? If both aren’t in tandem, the race becomes longer and more difficult than it should. Let the successes of others encourage you;envy robs you of the ability to see clearly or learn.
Don’t expect anyone to help carry your cross, focus on your journey – to each man his own battles. Spend less time on irrelevant things, spend more time to develop your potentials.

Refill your passion, reorder your steps, make the best use of your opportunities.
The impossible is achievable.
Be greater, be better, be phenomenal. This moment can be your moment.



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