HopeDon’t bury your talent, the world is waiting on you!
Let the hope in your heart, keep you afloat on the day doubts and fears flood your mind.
You can abandon the mountain climbing for running on sand, but always remember people have fallen even on the seemingly easy way.
Wasteful ventures can bring instant rewards and smiles; but those feats that will bring your dreams to reality are worth spending your energy on.
Now is the time to work. Do diligence to dreams you carry on your inside.
Let the hope that you will achieve all you’ve dreamed of, push you on day by day.
The stories will have an effect on you, sieve and select those that lock your fears out.
Let success stories serve as a motivation, unnecessary strive, competition and envy will drown you – even your life jacket of hope may not survive the impending storm. And when these stories bring with it depression, let the hope within keep you going.
You too can be great and achieve alot more than you’re seeing today.
Look inward, find your peace, clutch hope, the impossible is achievable.
You too can rise above your fears and still make the best of your time here.
Don’t desert your vision, stand on your values – sometimes it will be all you’ll have.
While you work towards your destination, always remember people will hail you for having succeeded but you owe it to yourself not to fail nor fall on this journey.
Let hope be your anchor, you can even choose to ride on its wings, as you work towards being better, great and phenomenal.

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