SARS can no longer detain. – Lagos CP

Following a sustained National outcry over the activities of men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS), there appear to be moves by the National hierarchy of the Nigeria Police to curb the unprofessional conducts of its men.

Men of SARS have been accused of kidnapping, killings and extorting Nigerians across the country over flimsy excuses. Over the years, it has appeared as though the unit and its men are above the law.

Claims in the past by the Inspector General of Police that the unit will be reformed has yielded nothing. You would recall that the unit has been banned more than once under this administration.

However, it seems the recent National outrage over the last couple of days has began to yield results according to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu.

Speaking earlier today on Sunrise Daily, Odumosu said his command has held a sensitisation lecture with the officers of the Force to sensitise them on the new directive of the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

Speaking further he said “It is going to be different because there will be more monitoring and more supervision.

The directive I gave yesterday is that they must not even go to investigate any case without booking their arrival at the Area Commander’s office so that the Area Commander will know that they are in that area doing what they ought to do. And once they finish, they must go back and file entry.

Secondly, I have directed that they must not detain anybody in their cells any longer. They can only detain at my office or at the Area Commander’s office. And the Area Commander must interview any suspect they want to detain and ascertain that the suspect had done what warranted being detained.

All these are additional measures put in to make sure that the supervision is effective. So, there is more supervision now and it going to be more effective now.”

Nigerians are looking forward to the excesses of the units being curbed and its men acting more professionally.

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