Seek new opportunities in 2021. – Mohammed Tettes.

My Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I welcome you all to the new year; 2021.

Our entrance into this year is the biggest evidence of God’s kindness to humankind and this is in consideration of the various challenges that came with 2020 particularly the dreadful and deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

I have no doubts that households across Nigeria felt various forms of difficulties in terms of reduced spending capacity, job losses, inflation and even a surge in crimes but gracefully, we are moving forward.

Notwithstanding the emergence of vaccines, there is a second wave of the pandemic; coming with new and more severe variants of the virus. We must therefore step into 2021 and embrace the future with hope and resilience.

As individuals, we must seek out new opportunities 2021 offers amidst the pandemic without necessarily waiting on  government. We must maximize every chance the new year presents by identifying how we can meet the needs of people and groups around us as means of building a new economic order.

I therefore urge government at all levels to redesign their standard operational procedures to reflect the current global economic realities.

Government must more than ever think outside the box and consider smarter ways to create sustainable wealth beyond distributing petty cash handouts.

We must show renewed courage, hope, resilience and most importantly commitment to surviving against all odds – as individuals, households and nation.

I am optimistic that 2021 will offer us all round elevation, economic prosperity, career excellence and business breakthroughs.

Mohammed Adah Shaibu Tettes.
MD/CEO, Mohsha Nigeria Limited.







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