No one should be able to love you as much as you love you. In life daily, we see that those who have learnt to love and appreciate their personality are more at peace with themselves, are much more contented and are generally less worried about the validation of other humans.

As the Bible verse says “love your neighbor AS YOURSELF”, in essence you can only love another person as much as you have learnt to love yourself. Whoever you love, you appreciate and value. You cannot then claim to love yourself if you do not value and appreciate yourself.

Loving and appreciating oneself is not totally captured by wearing good clothes, eating good food, driving a good car, marrying a good spouse and having children; it centers more in your ability to recognize that you are unique, that despite your failings you were made to succeed. That failing at one task does not mean you cannot succeed at anything else. That you have an area of calling that is unique to just you. That nobody can be you. That you can stand strong and make yourself proud, no matter how dark the clouds above you is. That those things you have failed at doing, do not define you. That you are the only you who is on earth. That if you do not fulfill your purpose, no one else is so gifted to carry out that same assignment with as much precision as you would. Place much value on yourself.

The first step towards totally loving, appreciating, valuing yourself and embracing a new sense of self worth, begins with accepting yours imperfection. You are human, you are mortal, you will fail at some things(probably more than one time), accept the fact that you cannot be a master of all things you have ever set out to do.

YOU CANNOT BE PERFECT IN ALL SPHERES; falling in one aspect does not mean you will not/cannot be successful in other parts. Many people in life have succeeded at the seemingly hard things and failed at the things otherwise referred to as ‘simple’. Many men have built and sustained successful businesses over the years from absolutely nothing, yet have failed in running their families successfully; to their children they were simply nonexistent and will tell anyone who cares to listen that they grew up without the assistance of a father figure – still the world looks on these ones as being ‘successful’ in all spheres. Many women succeed in career, social live and business but failed woefully at family life – you cannot have it all, appreciate yourself for the aspects of you have mastered, it is something many would give anything to have. While many men and women exist who were not phenomenal in anyway in their careers, yet raised the best kids in the world who have gone on to surpass their achievements – making their parents fulfilled and proud.

You can be a successful biologist and fail at being a computer guru. Why look down on yourself because you have not equally been able to master as many algorithms as your friend. His skills may seem relevant to your situation at the moment, have you stopped to ponder on the fact that he cannot be a good biologist as you are – that should count for something. EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS, IN IT YOU WILL FIND STRENGTH.

Treat yourself with dignity, there is absolutely no need hating yourself for those things you have been unable to achieve so far. All that negative emotion towards yourself will only hasten your drowning. Accept your limitations, build on your strengths.
You have a purpose and it can only be fulfilled when you dwell more in your position of strength and not dancing around your areas of weakness. NO MAN EVER FOUND FULFILLMENT FROM HIS POINT OF WEAKNESS.

You want to conquer? You want to leave a mark? You want to enjoy your latter years of lesser/no energy? Build on your strengths, step on your potentials. You also can be phenomenal, you can be notches higher than your contemporaries. Love yourself, do not set yourself up for a future of regrets. DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE TODAY.

Ensure you are better prepared for the days ahead, take responsibility for the future. If you cannot solely own the table of your life, ensure you bring something substantial to the table!
You just cannot afford to hate and dislike yourself, wishing you were someone else. DONT DESPAIR, STAND TALL, EMBRACE YOUR STRENGTHS, LOVE YOURSELF, THE FUTURE IS YOURS TO CONQUER.



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