SOUL’S ARMOUR: Divine comfort.

Divine Comfort – the remedy for each trial:

Scriptural reading: 2 Corinthians1 ¹-¹¹

Paul writes from practical experience of comfort that he and the brethren have received. He does not deny the fact that the Christian life comes with troubles from time to time but affirms that we have a comforter who is sure as long as we trust in him.

Sometimes the Lord takes us through challenges so that we would be living testimonies of his grace to others who might undergo similar challenges. Meditate on the results of enduring such challenges. God will always deliver is from such troubles eventually .

As we watch people go through challenging situations, we have a part to play in all of this. Having gone through it with our hope set on him alone , we can say with the songwriter:

We have an anchor that keeps the soul;
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll;
Fastened to the rock which cannot move;
Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love.

Live in loyalty to the truth and continue to keep in step with the master – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Pray for Christians you know are undergoing difficult times and those ministering in countries that are closed to gospel.

Today’s Soul’s Armour is courtesy Scripture Union(Nigeria).

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