SWAT: Can the authorities be trusted?

Last night’s edition of #TheRoundtableNG deliberated extensively on the “directive by the Inspector General of Police for the Establishment, Composition & Training of Nigeria Police Special Weapons And Tactics Team (SWAT). The questions were, Is the timing right? Objectively, can & will they be different from SARS?”

Secondly, “Going by their mandate, should Nigerians heave a sigh of relief? Can Nigerians trust the IGP to deliver on a new tactical team? Is the IGP on course? Why has nothing be done about erring officers of the dissolved SARS? Why are protesters still being shot at?”

To @EnenimUbon “With regards to timing, I think the government wasted a lot of valuable time thinking the protests can be wished away; the reason why it seems a lot of protesters aren’t even interested in listening to government anymore.”

@ThisIsPOU also believes the government is wasting valuable time as well “And they’re still waiting time (IMO). Instead of these nocturnal & private meetings, why not set up TOWN HALL meetings, INVITE ALL, ADDRESS THEM, TAKE QUESTIONS & ASK THE PEOPLE TO PICK REPRESENTATIVES FROM AMONG THEM TO MEET & REPORT MONTHLY ON POLICE ACTIVITIES.”

@EnenimUbon outlines the basic things to be done to show the government is committed to a truce “Before we even get to all these, let the protesters go about their protest without intimidation first of all. Initially all they wanted was for the President to address the nation, ‘but the President is too busy for that’. The earlier they sit up, the better.”

“Anything that doesn’t favour their greedy lifestyle is not worth it to them.”, concludes @daisydaphne

@TenovaTenChido commends the new directives by the IGP but expresses reservations about the implementation process “On paper it looks good, but we all know all this evaluation wouldn’t take place, so the disbanded guys would just be pushed into this department.

First, arrest and charge erring police men and then maybe we’ll take them seriously.”

@Lil_Gablex doesn’t think the government has shown enough commitment towards aligning with the demands of protesters “The govt is just taking the #EndSARS issue in a circle. Can’t we just make do with our regular Police officers for the time being? Our govt is a bloody shitty joke! The protest must not stop. They must listen to us once in their miserable power hungry lives!”

@daisydaphane echoes the sentiment of many Nigerians, that the entire police force should be reformed “Even the regular Police
are no better. They need re-orientation and reformation. The IGP can start by removing the checkpoints on the road , invest in technology (this is digital age for tech sake).

The last time I checked, he ordered his officers to stop ‘stop and search'(another Police harassment method), did the officers obey? Bad governance is killing this country.”

@hartarmah1 tweets “The announcement of SWAT creation is not a relieve for the masses. We’ve had enough&we will not make the old mistake. The timing is wrong. They should conclude investigation & punish defunct SARS officers found wanting before SWAT. I don’t think they will be different.”

Contributing further @EnenimUbon adds “Going through some of the adjustments, innovations & repositioning the IGP has outlined, I think they are all in order. However, the issue has always been implementation/follow up and that’s where I hope a synergy will emerge between Nigerians & the government”

@ThisIsPOU holds the opinion that the DPO’s and commanding officers in Areas where protesters were killed should be prosecuted “It’s such a shame. The Oyo State CP under whose watch Jimoh Isiaq was killed is still there. So are the DPO’s & Area Commanders. The DPO of the Barracks station where a 70yr was assaulted & the officer that carried out the assault, are still in office”

@BOtunuga describes this administration as a kill joy “To me d present Buhari led FGN is 1 kill joy when it comes 2 fulfilling simple promises and I believe jst as many others too that they should never be trusted when it comes to implementg this new policing design. But permit me to ask why it’s seemingly difficult for the IGP bringing to book unruly SARS officers.”

@ChinweOfoha2 expresses reservations about SWAT “I don’t think the so called SWAT would be any different from SARS,there is deep rot in the force.Something is not right with the orientation,psyche and mindset of a vast majority of them.”

understand there is already a SWAT Team in our police force before now.Secondly this is very ill timed,at a time when protests are still on going about the supposedly disbanded outfit.The optics smacks of lack of empathy and being out of touch with the yearnings and aspirations of a vast majority of citizens.”

@zeit1607 tweeted “What can come from rottenness except smell? SARS is rotten, SWAT will stink.”

@olunwachukwu suggests a state of emergency should be declared on the Nigerian Police “The Federal Gov’t must declare State of Emergency on @PoliceNG. With that mandate, sack all officers from CP to IGP, they are part of the colossal mess.”

@ThisIsPOU wishes the protests will usher in better days for Nigerians “There are so many things that are wrong in our society. So many. But I hope this will mark the beginning of a turnaround & a demand for a more functional system that is accountable to the people.”

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