The dichotomy of broadened sycophancy. – Bello Ibrahim

Nigeria’s regional dichotomy is squarely to blame for our underdevelopment. A lot of incompetent folks advancing ethnicity, religion and region as a cover for their misdemeanors. I am compelled by precedence, to narrow the possibility of national cohesion to near impossibility. The narrative among the young folks is more toxic and demeaning than what is obtainable among the elderly citizens.

No President since 1999 has gotten away with anti-people policies and programs as President Muhammadu Buhari. He unleashes spine-breaking policies with reckless abandon, yet, the victims move on as though Buhari’s judgments are commandment of God that cannot be questioned. To the poor, vulnerable and downtrodden, Buhari’s Government is anything but good.

The President has been consistent in hiking the price of just anything that benefits the less priveledged. His policies have impoverished Nigerians the more. The elites are unperturbed, they can afford the new price regime and in worst case scenario jet out of the country. Our outcry to the President is obviously perceived as cacophony of wailers and lazy Youths. He has no regards for common man, and doesn’t seems to give a damn.

President Buhari and APC represent the agony of Nigeria’s 4th republic. They have destroyed the fabric of empathy and compassion in public service. The President cares more about the success of his policies than the success of the citizens. He flexes muscles and finds comfort in the reeling of Nigerians. In another perspective, the President doesn’t recognize or regard public opinion, he is just the master of his own art. He seems to represent the ideal of “I AM THE BOSS”, whatever I desire must come to fruition.

The inadequacies of President Buhari are inexhaustible. He is a “weak leader” in every sense of the phrase. Buhari is the direct opposite of every single campaign he led against the PDP and President Jonathan in particular. He has reneged on his cardinal campaign promises and gone further to spite our common sense.

It is obvious, all Buhari wanted was to become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He seems to be aloof of 21st century governance impetus. He is indifferent and recalcitrant to millions of his disciples. He doesn’t care and is never pretentious about that.

In the whole of this, the biggest joke is on Northern religious, political and traditional leaders. They have condone the inadequacies of President Buhari so much that, the President doesn’t feel bad about his actions and inactions. They have pampered and tolerated Buhari so much that, the President feel secured and comfortable, despite his many glaring failures that are consuming the north.

Some northern leaders have advanced their disservice to Nigeira by classifying the just concluded EndSARS protest as attempt to force a regime change against one of our own. One of our own indeed.

Their action is responsible for our unending squabbles as a people. They have refused to call a spade a spade. Buhari has failed in securing our region and he must be made to understand that. Buhari is the President of Nigeria and his failure in whatever regard must be brought to his attention for appropriate remedy.

Remove northern identity from President Buhari, replace same with southern Nigeria’s origin and still maintain his religion, you will automatically have northern Nigeria’s leaders of brimstone. They will revamp the many fallacies of southern President looking the other way while our people are being killed. They will further advance adduce his failures and inactions as attempt to depopulate northern Nigeria.

A Buhari’s Presidency is a folly to northern Nigeria. It has added no value beyond the attachment of Buhari being a northerner. It is the likeness of an economic tree in one’s compound, but the shed and fruits are enjoyed in your neighbour’s compound. The tree adds no value to the owner, except the inconsequential attachment of ownership.

I will prefer a southern Nigeria’s Presidency that will be concerned and up to the billing of securing lives and properties of Northern Nigerians in particular and Nigerians in general, a southern Nigeria’s Presidency that will not take delight in increasing the price of just anything and everything, a southern Nigeria’s Presidency that will awaken the conscience of northerners and every other section of the country.

Buhari’s Presidency is boring, impoverishing, and failing. Buhari’s Presidency is enough reason to have history back in our schools curriculum, we need to be reminded and our children need to know.

Farmers now pay terrorists before they get their crops harvested. Nigeria to take 1.2 billion dollars loan from Brazil. After 6 years, Niger State to have “budget of reality”. Petrol to sale for 170 naira a liter.

Welcome to Nigeria of APC and Buhari’s dream.

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