Moving a business from its current level, making a higher turnover and sustainability of a business should be the major worries of any serious entrepreneur.‎
After the stress that comes with raising financial capital to actualize an idea, the next pain is in watching the fortunes of the business dwindle while one resigns to fate or luck, thinking nothing can ever be done.THE SOUL OF EVERY BUSINESS IS ADVERTISING.
Do not misunderstand the above statement, every other triangle should be exploited to keep any business afloat, without which goals cannot be met. Advertising makes it easier to take charge of the other triangles. (Subsequently , we will take a look at the various other triangles that guarantee a successful business).
Pause for a while and ponder on why big firms like Samsung, LG, Coca-cola, Pepsi, cannot stay away from advertising in every available medium(big or small) despite making millions of dollars daily from sales worldwide; these organizations have realized no level of growth is too high for a business to ignore advertising, not when they have competitors targeting the same market.For a small entrepreneur, the question of how to advertise(considering unavailability of funds) arises. It could be tough splitting ones ‎little profit towards advertising; but before discarding the idea of advertising, think of someone somewhere who is being offered the same service you render but is not satisfied and would not consider the cost and inconvenience of seeking your services, provided he/she is satisfied with services rendered; while you ponder on that, are you also aware that a large percentage of Nigerians abroad get their native wears from home? Nothing more than customer satisfaction is responsible for this despite the inconvenience. To most people(worldwide) distance is not a barrier to getting quality service.

Your advertising budget does not have to be too large. Exploit the least expensive advertising options.

At Chance-Media, we are flexible enough to consider every class of business. Our space is wide enough for any level of entrepreneurship; what matters most to us, is giving everyone a platform to be heard.

Design your business to move up everyday, it is solely up to you to succeed. If you are ready, we will help you connect all the dots that will expand your reach, far beyond your beliefs.
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