The travails of men.

7:30pm: Curfew is at 8pm. All the shops are closing in order to make it home; but Aliyu is holding off in order to catch late customers, he hasn’t sold anything since morning and if he comes home empty-handed again, his wife is going to raise hell and paint him as a deadbeat dad.

7:31pm: Engr Uche has reached home, but he is parked outside, sitting in the dark of his car for 30mins. That’s the only quietness and peace of mind he is going to get the whole day. Bossed around all day at work, he is going to be nagged at home.

7:32pm: Charles just locked his workshop, instead of heading home. He’s driving straight to the bar to let off steam.
His home is now a warzone because of a woman he married into his home.

7:33pm: Musa is just starting night duty, where he will stay awake till 7am.
He will brave mosquitos, chilling cold and armed robbers in order to earn a measly N20,000 – every dime of that will go to wife and children; but right now his wife is resuming duty in the arms of another man.

We’ve seen fun and vibrant young men reduced to a shell of themselves because of the women they married.
We’ve seen burnt and scarred men slaving for their families who don’t appreciate them.

We’ve seen men thrown under the bus because they have their ability to provide for their families, because that’s the only thing they’re worth.

We talk about women’s right everyday. Let’s talk about women’s wrong.

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