Two suspects were killed in his presence.

“My name is Jeremiah. I’ve always heard stories about SARS in Port Harcourt and their brutality, but I never thought it would could happen to someone I know.

Their Rukpokwu office is so dreaded that even lawyers run away when told they have to go there to bail clients.

Two years ago my friend bought a car, we were very happy for him because his business needed mobility. While we celebrated, we didn’t know trouble was coming. A few weeks later or thereabout, my friend was arrested for buying a stolen vehicle. During the course of investigation, three more people were arrested including the guy who linked him up to buy the car.

On the day the SARS officers took him and the others to arrest the fourth person, a little disagreement ensued, the guy asked them to be more civil that he wasn’t a thief and will cooperate with them – for daring to argue with them he was shot dead.

The remaining three were moved to the Rukpokwu slaughterhouse. The car owner wanted 6million for his car, so the 3 suspects(my friend inclusive were detained). On one of the days a visibly drunk officer came to the station and was shouting that the he didn’t like the way the case was progressing, that my friend and the other two guys weren’t cooperating.

That there was no need keeping them anymore. One of the guys tried to explain his side of the story and correct somethings the officer said. For interrupting him(the officer), he was shot dead at point blank range. My friend was also shot at but the bullet narrowly missed his rib and hit his thigh.

The car owner on hearing how the case was progressing wasn’t pleased. I think he also put pressure on them(SARS)to release my friend and the other remaining guy, so they could raise funds to refund pay him(the car owner); the same thing we had been pleading with the officers for.

Eventually my friend was released and he paid 2.5million for the car, that excludes the other ‘begging money’ that was for his release.

They killed two people just like that and one left my friend with bullet scares on the thigh.”

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